Intimate Conversation with Klarque Garrison

13 Aug

Intimate Conversation with Klarque Garrison

BPM:  Tell us a little about the real Klarque Garrison.
I was born in Los Angeles, CA and raised by a single mom with little to no education. However, what she lacked in education she made up in unconditional love. I came to writing much like most authors, it chose me! Writing became a tangible voice that could be heard and always spoke true. This book “How to survive the next 365” takes the reader on a journey of understanding that you truly hold the answers for a better life. My life has thus far been a true testimony of this revelation. I’ve owned and operated, even partnered several very successful businesses. 13 years of experience in real estate investing and negotiating terms with hundreds of lenders around the country have compelled me to master “The Art of believing in the power within me”. It is my hope that this book can do the same for you!

BPM: What inspired you to write this story? I was inspired to write this story because this was the story that led me back to respectability and self-worth. I was on top of the world at one point in my life yet there was always something missing. I felt empty and never felt satisfied with any accomplishment I attained. So, like many people out there I lost everything. It was one of the most humbling experiences of my life. After crashing, I came to the conclusion no one is going to get me out of this mess but me (the question was how?). One thing was for sure, if I continued to do the same things… I would get the same results (“I knew I knew nothing”). I built my way back to respectability on the basis of a few fundamental principles. These principles were not new, they were just being ignored. How many more of my fellow mankind were ignoring these truths? I decided it was my destiny to be that reminder and in some cases….the sage!

BPM: Introduce us to your new book, How to Survive the Next 365.
“How to Survive the Next 365” can be your guide to developing a proper mind-set to get you to “your” next level! I also helps you re-define what the next “level” for you will be. Survive 365 was developed from my failures that ultimately became my road map to a better ME! I lost over $1 Million in assets and cash between 2007 & 2008. My world and my self-confidence were trashed. I went from the big house in an upscale neighborhood to renting in the “hood”. After feeling sorry for myself, I realized the results I received were due to the person I’d become. So, I began speaking to successful people from all walks of life.

Then, I began interviewing them to better compare their mind-sets. What I found is no matter the age, race, religion, look or gender these success minded people shared common links and ideologies! I quickly studied these traits and made them a part of who I am. It is these traits that “Survive 365” speaks to. It is these 12 principles that helped me become a more well rounded person and build my greatness to heights never seen! I decided to share these axioms with the world. “365” has become a movement of awareness of who we are and who we are to become. A 365er is anyone who believes in developing their self into the best person they can be despite the struggles of life. This commitment is built by uniting liked-minded people to a common idea….Greatness!

There are 12 chapters with 12 concepts or ideologies that I’ve found make up the spirit of successful people. The 12 chapters symbolize the 12 months in a year..thus we have 365 (days). Life is not supposed to be easy. We do not learn from our successes we learn from our failures. That is why I titled this book “How to Survive the Next 365”. Through surviving we develop a basic knowledge of life and through knowledge we gain wisdom. Once a person grasps wisdom he/she can control the thing that is most difficult to control…oneself! If a man/woman can learn to control their self there is nothing they can not do.

There are chapters in this book that you may not have difficulty with so read it as it speaks to you. Then apply the lessons by working the exercises at the end of each chapter. Lastly, share your success with the world. Your journey for your “Next 365” days does not start with the purchase of this book. Nor does it begin once you have read this book. You will discover your journey only begins once you decide your self worth is directly linked with “The Creator” and that makes you God-like. Everyone has greatness to share with the world. I hope you can see what I already see in you…

BPM: What issues in today’s society have you addressed in How to Survive the Next 365?
Each chapter address a different issue. Things like having “gratitude” for what you do have in life, being a slave to service and giving back to society or controlling what you see, hear and say are issues we urgently need help with. Learning how to master the one thing most people refuse to master…yourself! The hardest thing, yet the most important thing to control in our lifetime is ourselves. However, most people dedicate far too much time in controlling things they have no control of! Reading this book does not mean your problems will be solved. However, reading this book will force you to take an honest look at what your issues are and how you can develop a mind-set to solving each issue you acknowledge.

BPM: What is your most valuable lesson about the publishing industry?
The publishing industry is a business and like any business its focus in on making money. People think its about the “art” and that being a writer is about being published. I was once told “a writer..writes”. Do not wait for the publishing world to recognize you as a writer. In most cases they catch on last!

BPM: What writers inspire you and why?
I’ve always been an insatiable reader dating back to my teens. I was told by my mother that through reading you will obtain the wisdom and eyes of the world. However, the 2 most important authors who lead me to writing are Natalie Goldberg and Anne Lamont. When I knew I wanted to become a serious writer I knew I had to find a voice that spoke to me. These were the 2 voices that found me! Both Natalie and Anne wrote books on developing traits to become a great writer. Their words taught me that there is a writer locked inside each one of us. We need only cultivate and motivate that voice.

BPM: What did you hope to accomplish by writing this particular story?
In the beginning writing this book was just about putting my thoughts on paper to free myself from myself. It wasn’t until later that I began to believe there was a more worthwhile goal ahead. I felt this book would lead to a journey I’d have to take through sharing these ideologies with as many people I could find. The journey would soon become a movement that would take on a life of its own. I want to inspire, motivate & cultivate self-awareness and growth in myself and in others through my books, lectures, seminars, retreats and workshops. I hope to see each one of you soon!

“How to Survive the Next 365…Your lifeline to a better life”
also available on “Kindle”

Klarque Garrison, Best Selling Author
Do you know anyone who needs to learn “The Art of Trusting Yourself”?
“How to Survive The Next 365” is a masterful look into a new way of thinking!
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