Intimate Conversation with Lawrence Wayne

13 Aug

Intimate Conversation with Lawrence Wayne

Lawrence Wayne is a writer, producer, director and editor (VIP MEMPHIS Magazine). He is author of the book, “How to Encourage Young African American Children to Read…A Black Reader’s Guide.”

He founded the Memphis Black Writers Conference in 1995 to support writers, poets, artists and others who portray positive aspects and cultural achievements of African American people across the globe.

“How to Encourage Young African American Children to Read…A Black Reader’s Guide.”  By Lawrence Wayne
The book is a non-fictional book about the importance of instilling the love of reading and research and an early age. It is for all African American children, especially young African American males.

BPM:  What inspired you to write this story?
One day while watching my son playing in the living room a thought came to me. “What if you were no longer here to take care of your son and family? What legacy would you want to leave behind? What gifts would you like your son to have? “

After giving this some serious consideration I came up with two concepts:
First, I would want him to know and accept the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly, I would want him to have a love for reading and learning. I knew that if he had these two basic things in his life I could leave this world knowing that he was in good hands.

BPM: What issues in today’s society have you addressed in the book?
Education, dropout problem, and violence among our youth.

BPM: What is your most valuable lesson about the publishing industry?
You have to adapt to the changing industry and trends.

BPM: What writers inspire you and why?
Frederick Douglas and Guy Johnson. They both have given me a deep sense of pride and knowledge about our history.

BPM: What did you hope to accomplish by writing this particular story?
I hope to encourage more young Black children to read.

Lawrence Wayne
Website: Southern Black Writers & Artist Film Festival

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