Reader Spotlight: Rose Wright, Pres.of Savvy Book Club

13 Aug

Intimate Conversation with Rose Wright
President of the Savvy Book Club

BPM: Rose, tell us a little bit about yourself and your favorite things, hobbies and about your family.
My name is Rose Wright and I live in Jackson, Mississippi with my family. Husband Frank of 20 years. Our family consists of 3 lovely children, Takesha, Khadijah and Frank Jr.. I am an educator by profession. I have been in the education arena for 22 years.

I currently teach APAC  U. S. History. I love to read and spend quality time with family. I am the President and Founder of the Savvy Book Club. My hobbies include reading, cross-stitch and flora arrangement.

BPM: Share with us the history of the organization. How did you get started?
Savvy Book Club began April 2007 in Jackson, MS. The club started because we were always talking about the good book we read, when we passed each other in the hallway at work. And people use to think we were talking about someone real and when we revealed we were talking about a book character everyones response was, you all should start a bookclub.

So, one day I told them I was ready and wanted to know if I could count on them as members. They agreed. I researched other clubs and even visited other meetings to get ideas. The librarian at the local library in the area were looking to start bookclubs in their library so we started our club at their library. We had a lot of help from the ladies at the library. Three of them joined the book club and have been faithful members from the beginning. Our First Book chosen was “Let the Church Say Amen” by Roshonda Tate Billingsley. We currently have 15 active members.

Events: Since beginning the bookclub we have met over 40 authors. Many in which we hosted Author Meet and Greets for them. We have also hosted several book release celebration. We have hosted alot of writers over the years. This year we sponsored several book release celebrations for authors. Those authors include:

Virginia Deberry &Donna Grant /NY Best Selling Author
Kendra Norman- Bellamy /Atlanta Christian Fiction
Brian S. Smith /Texas
Bruce Wright/Atlanta

We also hosted Mississippi author Sydney Molare’ (Author Pick of the Year 2009) We teamed up with author to do a Literacy Drive and she provided books to everyone who attended the event.

BPM: What is the vision for your organization? Do you host events during the year? Donate to charities or provide any service for the community?

Our Vision: Keeping in tune with the latest Books and Literature, through our Love of Reading and Meeting those who have touched our lives through books.

Charity: We have donated books to youth through day care centers, learning centers and summer programs. We hold book drives to do this.

BPM: Give us a deeper understanding of how important reading is to you.
Reading is so important. As my pastor recently said. “Words have power.” When I read a book I always try to find the message. It may not be the one the author has set for me, but a message no the less.

BPM: What impact has reading had on your life? Has there been any books that help shape your life or gave you inspiration during a trying time in life?
Reading had impact me alot. It is my escape. When you have a family you sometimes need some down time. So after everyone has gone to bed I curl up with a book. I can relate to many of the books I read.

BPM: How many books do you read in one month? Would you say you read more for escape, for educational purposes or for entertainment?
Books are my escape. I speed read so I can finish a book in two to three days. Sometimes in shorter time (summer months). Summer months I may read 6 to 10 books a month. Other months two at the most. Unless I have a book to reivew. If the book is really good I can really get through it fast. I will read a book before I watch television.

There are so many books I have not read and many that I have read and want to read. I can’t mention them all but I do love their work. I mostly Christain Fiction, Romance, little Mystery Autobiographies and Drama.
I have not read Sci Fi, Vampire etc. It does not interest me. But it doesn’t mean they don’t have some good novels.

BPM: Do you download books? Do you prefer a hard copy book or a digital book?
I have only dowloaded one book. I like the hard copies and audio books. I can clean my house, exercise, and drive using audio books. I don’t think it will ever replace a printed book. Some may like it. I just dont have time for it, right now.

BPM: Do you think the writings of today’s authors are leaving the same legacy as authors from other generations? Do you see others following their path? If so, who?
I think that all writers have had a author to inspire them at one point in their lives and or career. Some authors may have more impact than others. I think that today many authors write about everyday life situations and are not limit as many earlier writers were. That’s why we are finding more and more self publish authors with great little books. I think there are many that will go on to be just as great as many of those past auhtor if not greater.

Finish these fun loving sentences with the question and answer:

BPM: Living your best life includes:
Love, Trusting in God and Spending time Family & Friends

BPM: On your nightstand now:
Power of the Praying Women

BPM: Favorite book when you were a child:
Little House on the Praire and Box Car Children.

BPM: Book all readers should own excluding the bible:
Daily Devotionals, I recommend Jacequlin Thomas’s novels

BPM: Book you gave as a gift:
Kimberla Lawson Roby’s ” Deep Dark Secret”

BPM: Book you’ve bought for the cover:
The Vow

BPM: Favorite couple from a book:
Hosea Bush & Jasmine Lawson, series “Victoria Christopher Murray” and Mary Monroe, “God Don’t like Ugly series”

BPM: Book you most want to read AGAIN much slower, to savor:
Terry McMillian’s “How Stella Got Her Grove Back”

BPM: Favorite genre, series or sequels:
I read a lot of Christian Fiction. I do not have just on type I love to read. Brenda Jackson “Madris Soga” or Kim Robys “Curtis Black Series” or maybe Mary Morrison’s “Darius Jones Sogas”. There are so many. Hard to chose just one.

BPM: Book that should be a movie or play:
Several of Brian S. Smith book’s

BPM: Name three authors you would like to do a phone chat with this year.
Maya Angelou, Terry McMillian, and Francis Ray

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