Finding the Way Home by Fabiola Sully

17 Aug

Finding the Way Home by Fabiola Sully
This book is for any one who experience roadblacks, challenges, and obstacles in life. I am opening my soul and experiences to the world; so that readers will know that they are not alone.

I have written and published my book of poetry, “Finding the Way Home” in 2009.  It is a group of poems written from my early college years through the year 2008. The poems pertain to my life experiences, roads I have taken and obstacles I have faced growing up. I’ve dealt with my emotions and issues more effectively by writing them down. Whenever I felt low and going through situations, I wrote them down. My poems are about growth and finding your true self.  You can’t find yourself or see what you are capable of, without dealing with the harsh roadblocks and walls in your life.  I have written this book for young girls and adult women who are dealing with a life of fear and doubts.

Book Video: Finding The Way Home

WHO I AM by Fabiola Sully

I’m the one you tease
Because I’m different.
I’m the one you bother
Because I’m merely there
I’m the mat you step on
I’m the rock you kick around

And you think you can control me
Like I’m the clay and you’re the sculptor
Like I’m the robot and you press my buttons
But you can’t control me

I may be nothing as you say
But your words don’t mean jack to me
Sooner or later you’ll see me on the street
With my head held high,
While you’re eating my dust
And I’ll be wondering
Who’s laughing now!

About Fabiola Sully
I am from Long Island, NY but born in Brooklyn. I have been writing since I was seventeen. I became interested in poetry after taking a writing course in high school, this continued on into my college years. Currently, I work full-time and write part-time. I started taking part in poetry slams and blogs to show off some of my work. I would like to do poetry readings and perform in more shows.

You can view samples of my work and blog on my Myspace page:   or on Facebook under Fabiola Sully. Other than poetry, I am into movies, reading, acting, wrestling and basketball, the arts & theater, music and world travel. If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at  For more information, visit

ISBN-10: 1432716220 | ISBN-13: 978-1432716226

Finding the Way Home by Fabiola Sully
ISBN-13: 978-1432716226
Category: POETRY / General
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