Gift Book: A Slip In The Right Direction by Rachel Berry

14 Oct
A Slip In The Right Direction by author Rachel Berry
A Slip In The Right Direction, a coming-of-age story for tweens & teens. The story of life, puppy love, and lessons, as seen through the eyes of a 14-year-old young man coming-of-age in Chicago.
Homesick for his life and friends back home, a family move forces 14 year old Clifton Henderson, aka Slip, to grow up on the north side of Chicago. In his mind, life sucks at the moment and can’t get any worse. But it does. A kidnapping by gang members, a crush on a girl playing hard to get, a strict father, a mysterious neighbor, and the gift of premonitions all help take him on a ride of life until eventually he takes A Slip In The Right Direction.
Q:: What impact will this book have on readers?
I’m hoping the readers will agree with a few things that I tried to relay:

1. that it’s okay to have values and principles at a young age and believe in what you’ve been taught.
2. You have to give back to your community in appreciation of your blessings.
3. No one is perfect. Parents are also a work-in-progress striving to be the best and to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.
4. We must count our blessings and be thankful for what we have.
5. A healthy and supportive family unit is very important at all stages of our life.

Primary message in the book, A Slip In The Right Direction
Everyone expereinces unique challenges and celebrations when coming-of-age. Young men and women need special support during this difficult time in life.
Major talking points from A Slip In The Right Direction
1. Some of the natural occurrences of becoming a young man such as: voice changing. growing facial hair, first kiss, first girlfriend, wanting recognition and to be heard, the importance of friendships, dealing with brothers or sisters, figuring out what one wants to be when they grow up, etc.
2. Parental struggles – parents have to agree on discipline and be able to work together on individual deficiencies.
3. Husband and wife individual challenges – Each parent is an individual dealing with their own challenges and celebrations. Learning how both these components affect the family and marriage needs.
4. Self discovery and improvement – we are all affected by life and situations that shed light on who we really are and what were made of. Each incident is to help us grow
5. Family life – knowing the things that bring a family together or separates them- rituals that celebrate the family unit
6. Helping others and community – the need to back and bless others
7. Getting boys to read more – Giving young people, especially boys, something to read that they can identify with in their everyday life
8. Neighborhood and environment awareness- Realizing how our children are in frequent contact with bad influences and touch situations everyday, as we see in the news with the violence in the schools. Gang members and troubled children are in the classrooms as well as the streets.
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