Voices of Thanksgiving: author Avah LaReaux

21 Nov
Voices of Thanksgiving AND Gratitude
Avah LaReaux

A writer inspired by the human condition, Avah LaReaux uses the power of the written word to captivate and entertain her readers. She has a talent for penning stories that focus on the lives of everyday people while conveying messages of empowerment, optimism, and inspiration.
Avah LaReaux’s work and prose has been featured in various anthologies including In-Between Days and Under A Quick Silver Moon in the United States and abroad in the United Kingdom in the anthology Theatre of the Mind.
Her current novels What’s Done In the Dark and Song of the Siren are the first two installations of six in the Lost and Found saga series.
What was your most memorable holiday from the past?
My favorite holiday memory is from my childhood when my mom and sisters and I would gather in the kitchen to cook Christmas dinner. The event always started on Christmas Eve and I remember being so excited to go on winter break at school and come home to start cooking. While we worked, there was always music (Motown, of course) and egg nog. Most times, my sister would bake some type of scrumptious dessert and we would spend the entire day cooking, laughing, and telling each other to go easy on the cake.
How do you celebrate the holidays? What are the “traditions” for your family?
In our home, the holiday season begins with the first day of autumn and ends after the Super Bowl. We celebrate with decorations and music and, of course, food. From decorative squash and dried corn to the annual tree raising ceremony, we use every minute to laugh and reflect and enjoy each other.
What are you most thankful for today? What message does all your books have in common?
I am very thankful for the opportunity to do what I love full time. Writing has long been my dream and to be living that dream is absolutely amazing. It is the realization of hope I carried in my heart long before I realized I could really be an author. That message of hope, for dreams, for love, for a better life, is the common thread in all my books.
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