Voices of Thanksgiving: author Brittani Williams

21 Nov
Voices of Thanksgiving AND Gratitude
Brittani Williams

Brittani Williams authored Daddy’s Little Girl and Sugar Walls (Urban Books) and served as a contributor for two anthologies Fantasy (Urban Lifestyle Press) and Flexin’ & Sexin’ (Life Changing Books) all in one year, 2007.  The Cathouse (QBoro Books, June 2008) and Black Diamond (Urban Books, Dec 2008) were her next releases.
In April 2010, Brittani released the highly anticipated sequel to Black Diamond, titled Nicety and will also debut Black Diamond the stage play in her home town Philadelphia, in June 2010.  Brittani has been featured on bestsellers lists, nominated for awards and been interviewed for numerous magazines, newspapers and radio shows. For more information on Brittani visit her website:
What was your most memorable holiday from the past? 
My most memorable holiday would have to be my son’s second. I had to work that Christmas morning but I woke him up around 4:30am so he could open his gifts. I pulled him out of bed and said “Wake up, I have a surprise for you” his response was “I don’t want no surprise!” I laughed, it was hilarious but once he saw all of his gifts and his eyes lit up he couldn’t get to every thing fast enough. I hated that I had to work but it put a smile on my face.
How do you celebrate the holidays? 
Normally, with my mother. We have dinner and sit around watching movies together. Our holidays are very relaxed. What are the “traditions” for your family? Cooking! The women in my family love to cook, especially my mother. So cooking a huge soul food dinner even for just immediate family is pretty normal around the holidays.
What are you most thankful for today? 
For my son. I believe that without him I wouldn’t push myself as much as I do. I am always striving to do more because of him and I definitely feel that it’s a blessing to have him.
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