Voices of Thanksgiving: author Gail McFarland

21 Nov
Voices of Thanksgiving AND Gratitude

Gail McFarland

Gail McFarland is the published author of more than 100 short romantic confessions and stories and seven novels including: SUMMERWIND (BET/Arabesque), WHEN LOVE CALLS (BET/Arabesque), BOUQUET (with Roberta Gayle and Anna Laurence, BET/Arabesque), LADY KILLER (LULU Books), and ALL FOR LOVE (LULU Books). 
A dedicated wellness/fitness advocate, Ms. McFarland is currently an active fitness instructor and consultant. She happily admits that DREAM RUNNER is the first of her novels to combine her love of sports and fitness with the passion of romance. DREAM KEEPER, the sequel to this well received novel, is slated for December, 2009.   Also in 2009, Ms. McFarland returned to her romantic roots with short stories and confessions, in conjunction with Lady Leo Publications, and readers can look forward to her contribution to the February 2010 anthology, CAN A SISTAH GET SOME LOVE? A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Ms. McFarland now makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia. Website:
What was your most memorable holiday from the past?
I absolutely LOVE Christmas, and I love it for more than the gifts. I love the connectivity and tradition of it all. Oh, and snow. Everybody should have snow for Christmas. My favorite Christmas was my 16th — it was my first real glimpse of “growing up”. I got a driver’s license, permission to date, a cute boyfriend, a very sweet kiss in the snow, and there was a bunch of other stuff under the tree (but you can see where my priorities were …) 
How do you celebrate the holidays? What are the “traditions” for your family?
Because my family is so small, I usually celebrate with friends. Two of my favorite traditions are the cooking, and all of the food. Something about being in that kitchen, with everything smelling so good is both soothing and relaxing for me. One of my favorite Christmas family traditions is that everyone who visits has a gift under our tree: there are no strangers in our home, only family.
What message does all your books have in common?
I write romance, so this one is kind of easy. I believe that what is meant for you is truly for you. My books explore themes of love, redemption, and determination, drenched with passion, sensuality, and intimacy, always powered by fate. Love is a good thing. 
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