Voices of Thanksgiving: author Tracie E. Christian

21 Nov
Voices of Thanksgiving AND Gratitude
Tracie E. Christian

 Tracie E. Christian has for several years worked as Children’s Fair Coordinator with the hugely successful Detroit Festival of the Arts. Receiving wide acclaim for her urban fiction book series, The Black College Sabbatical, Christian has taken her literary endeavors to higher ground by creating the SAY IT LOUD…I’M BLACK COLLEGE PROUD Youth Seminars, a fun, entertaining, traveling seminar series for junior and senior high school age youth. The seminars are intended to spread the positive word about educational opportunities offered at historically black colleges and universities! The 3rd installment of the trilogy, The Black College Sabbatical – SPRING QUARTER is slated for release in mid-2010. 
What is my most memorable holiday from my past?
My most memorable holidays are Christmas. My mother would set our house up to be the last stop for the carolers in our neighborhood and the adults, would eat and drink while the kids played. Then they’d hang out with the kids singing, dancing and listening to music all together until the kids had to go to bed.
What are you thankful for today?
I am thankful for my family, My Husband, Daughter, Son & Mother, and my friends. This is a rollercoaster ride and I feel very blessed to have the strong support system to brave the twists and turns of building a business from the ground up with. I am thankful to God for making me stronger everyday and surrounding me with people who encourage me to get healthy. I love and am thankful to my Literary Partner, Adra Young. I have grown so much with her presence in my life! I can never thank her enough.
What message does all your books have in common? 
My book sheds a different light on the black college experience. It demonstrates the heritage taught there, the traditions fostered there, the humility and life lessons encountered there from the prospective of people who have never been away from home before.
It shows a dynamic passed the bands, fraternities and sororities, even passed the classroom. It teaches courage, perseverance, ambition and loyalty, as well as, the realities of betrayal, lust, selfishness and heart break.
It preaches the necessity for forgiveness and friendships. 
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