Create a Thanksgiving Pact by Stacy Hawkins Adams

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving from Stacy Hawkins Adams

Hi Friend,
I issue this greeting with the hope that you’re preparing for your best Thanksgiving ever! Let’s face it, though: We’ve all got “issues”; and during this time of year, which can be the most festive and joyous, sometimes the circumstances, people, or things that challenge us most threaten to sap our gratitude.

This year, however, why not make a “Thanksgiving Pact” with yourself to find the roses among the thorns?

* When you want to complain, hold your tongue and think of something positive.

* When you’re feeling overwhelmed or gloomy, turn on some music with an uplifting beat or inspirational lyrics.

* When you’re distracted by what you lack, reflect on your life and rejoice in all the good things (material and intangible) that you do possess.

Decide how you personally want to spell “Thankful” and tuck these words on a piece of paper or in a journal that you can return to throughout the holiday season.

Here’s what I’ll be reflecting on during Thanksgiving 2010:

T = Trusting God Always

H = Honored to Share My Journey with You and Others

A = Aiming for Excellence

N = Never Alone

K = Keeping the Faith

F = Forever Grateful for God’s Love

U = Uplifted By His Grace and Mercy

L = Living Fully the Life He Gave Me

Choose your own phrases and give thanks in advance for where your transformative words will take you.

I’m thankful for YOU and for your continued support of my writing and speaking endeavors.

Here’s wishing you a Thanksgiving in which you can recognize simple blessings and be grateful that another day is yours to experience.

Happy Thanksgiving and Warm Regards!

Stacy Hawkins Adams
Bestselling Author / Inspirational Speaker
Igniting Hope that Fuels Your Dreams

About the Author

Stacy Hawkins Adams is an award-winning author, speaker and freelance writer. Her six nationally-published women’s fiction novels weave faith, social issues and personal growth themes into creative plots. Her nonfiction book gives women practical tips, scriptural guidance and inspiration on how to connect more deeply with God.
Stacy’s fourth novel, The Someday List, maintained a steady presence on the Essence bestseller’s list throughout 2009, and soared to #7 on the Kindle bestseller list earlier this year. The Someday List was nominated for a Library of Virginia fiction award.
Her latest novel, Dreams That Won’t Let Go, hit bookstore shelves in January 2010 and continues to receive critical acclaim. Who Speaks to Your Heart? is Stacy’s first nonfiction book. It was released in May 2010 and serves as a devotional guide for busy women from all walks of life.

She recently launched a group coaching service called Author In You (, through which she and a select group of professional authors provide personalized motivation and advice to fiction and nonfiction writers seeking to complete a manuscript. She occasionally provides personal “purpose coaching” that empowers women to recognize their relevance and purpose, and succeed at a personal or professional goal.
When she is not writing, speaking or coaching, Stacy devotes considerable time to promoting child advocacy as a writing and marketing consultant, and community volunteer. Stacy lives in a suburb of Richmond, Va. with her husband and two children.

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