Tahitian Pearl by Esauren Phyer

26 Nov
Tahitian Pearl by Esauren Phyer
From The Gritty Dune To An Oasis In The Sun

 Explore the pages of this wonderful, witty, sometimes gritty novel. Follow Naiyah Harland and her family through life’s many challenges (Infidelity, Deception and Much More…) and see where they end up. If you know God is always around and will show up on our behalf – good, you won’t be surprised. If you don’t – good, you’ll be blessed. This story is one of redemption.
We find at times, Life to be a real messy mess. It is, has been or will be. There’s no escaping it. We all experience on one level or another, the untidiness, disorder and dirt of life – Life’s Messes! Some of us don’t mind the drama, trauma and maladjustment of the mess, but many of us recognize the need to be “set free” therefore, realizing that in doing so, love wins. Tahitian Pearl (from the gritty dune to an oasis in the Sun) is a compelling story of family drama, where the messes of life (infidelity, drugs and more) demonstrate how we judge, misjudge and drift.
However, grace and mercy can set us free and let love win. This book, because of its multidimensional and complex characters is ideal for book clubs as it provides endless discussion possibilities.
Esauren Phyer is available for Book Club Discussions and Speaking engagements. Contact her at:  or visit her website at:
Tahitian Pearl 5 Star Amazon Reader Review
I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Naiyah. Your book gave me reason to pause and evaluate my life expereinces and my reactions to them. After reading the book I had dinner with a friend who was having a personal crisis. She expressed how she was trying to put her faith in the Lord and then the words from your book just started to spew from my mouth. I told her to quit trying to give up the issue and just do it.
Let the Lord take control of the situation and accept the direction that was presented to her. After much discussion, she realized the error of her way of processing her situation and decided then and there that she would follow the Lord’s lead.
Funny how there is this trickle effect in life, you affect readers who affect those around them. You are the embodiment of following the direction the Lord has presented and for that I thank you. — Reviewed by Nancy – The Blonde One (Catonsville MD)
About Esauren Phyer, author of Tahitian Pearl
Meet Long Island, New York native Esauren Phyer. She’s a prolific writer of fiction, short, stories, newsletter bylines and personal journaling. She graduated from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and holds a degree in sociology and a certification in Christian counseling. By day she’s an information technology specialist and a creative writer by night.
Ms. Phyer, an avid reader for most of her life, dreamed of becoming a published and well read author long before her Humanities Pro-fessor at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania suggested she do something with her writing over thirty years ago. Ms. Phyer is committed to living free, free from other people’s opinions, free from drama, free from sickness, free from her own prejudices and hang-ups and has written a novel that is replete with messages of “setting oneself free,” particularly when we find ourselves immersed in the grit and messes of life.
Her book, Tahitian Pearl, focuses on a young woman named Naiyah, whose life is fraught with personal traumas designed to keep her from the joy and blessings God has for her. The moment Naiyah is born, her grandmother knows that God is going to work in her life in a special way, but the enemy of God has other plans.
From The Gritty Dune To An Oasis In The Sun
ISBN-10: 0984218807
ISBN-13: 978-0984218806
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