Excerpt: Captured Hearts by Sherlyn Powell

05 Dec
Captured Hearts by Sherlyn Powell

Sylvia Masters is a hot fifty-two year old widow and CEO of The Masters Investment Group. After her husband passed, her focus turned to raising their three children and getting the company her husband started ranked among the Fortune 500.

Lieutenant Julian Reynolds is on the scene to inform her of the murder of her former fiancée, Addison Lockwood. When the Lieutenant goes to the Masters’ home to question Sylvia he is blown away by her beauty. Her looks and strong personality inspire Lieutenant Reynolds to solve the case and pursue the woman of his dreams.

When Sylvia offers the Lieutenant a cup of coffee their hands touch and their eyes lock. After a tumultuous beginning, Julian summons up the courage to ask Sylvia to dinner. Problem: Julian is ten years younger and Sylvia isn’t interested in being labeled a Cougar.

Refusing the Lieutenant’s invitation, Sylvia is flattered that this much younger man who is also fine is obviously interested in her. The undeniable chemistry is hard to resist. What would her family say?  Can Sylvia have a future with Julian?

Excerpt from Chapter 1 Captured Hearts

“Where is she?” The young woman looked at her watch and sighed. “She should have been here by now. Where is she?”



“You need to give the carpet a rest. You’re going to take unnecessary pounds off that five foot ten inch model thin body.”

“Ha ha—funny. I can’t help it.” She frowned and folded her arms. “Where is she?”

“I don’t know. She’ll be here.”

“How can you be so calm Alexis? A man has been murdered and our mother is no where to be found.”

“A man?” The dark haired beauty shrugged her shoulders as she turned up her glass.

“You know what I mean.” Lacy looked out the window, “Mother could at least call us. Why hasn’t she called?”

“You know Mother; she answers to no one.”

“I can’t stand not knowing if she’s all right. Did she say anything to you at work?”

“The only thing she said was she had an appointment, she would be leaving early and she’d see me at home tonight.”

Lacy spoke softly. “She’s not even answering her phone.”

“Maybe she hasn’t heard.”

“I hope not. I don’t know if she was really over Addison.”

“She’ll be fine. Mother always lands on her feet.”

Lacy frowned as she stopped pacing long enough to turn and look at Alexis. “You say that with such malice.”

“No—just stating the simple truth. You forget we’re talking about Sylvia Masters. She’s one of the most powerful and most admired women in Northern Virginia. She didn’t get to the top by being timid.” Alexis smiled as she poured another glass of wine and drank until her glass was empty.

Lacy stared when she picked up a bottle of chardonnay and refilled her glass. “Alexis, that’s your third glass of wine.”

“And ….”

“You’re not a drinker. It’s obvious you’re worried too.”

“Don’t be ridiculous Lacy.” Alexis stretched out her arms as she slid back on the sofa and crossed her long shapely legs. She felt the turbulent movement in the pit of her stomach as she thought of where her mother was. What if she had found out about Addison? Would she really be okay?

“All that wine couldn’t be good for that curvy figure,” Lacy said. “It will go to your middle and you’ll lose that tiny waistline you’re so proud of.”

“Alright Dr. Masters, I thought you were studying to be a Psychologist. Are you turning to internal medicine too?” Alexis turned up her glass and stared at her baby sister.


Alexis laughed. “Lacy you’re shivering are you cold?”

“No, I’m fine.” She rubbed her arms and tilted her head back.

Alexis looked at her glass and sat it down. Lacy sat down but a minute later she bounced from her seat and paced the floor again. The only other sound in the room was a slight ticking sound that came from the clock that sat on the intricately carved mahogany mantle nearby. The two young women were determined to wait for Sylvia to come home. They wanted reassurance that she was okay.

Lacy looked at her watch. “It’s after six. If she left work early for her meeting how long do you think it would last?”

“I don’t know, she didn’t say much. Maybe she just decided to go have dinner or go shopping.”

“I doubt it.”

“Well at least the weather has cooled down. The humidity was a killer.”


“Sorry, poor choice of words. I still can’t believe someone would kill Addison”

“I know. They didn’t say very much on the news. Oh this is so sad.” Lacy held out her trembling hands.

“Lacy, you’ve got to calm down.”

“I’m trying.” She sat down and let out a long deep breath.

The doorbell rang and they looked at each other. Lacy stretched her eyes. They both walked to the door. Alexis opened it and smiled.

“Oh Marcus,” Lacy breathed a sigh of relief.

“I’m sorry if I startled you ladies. I take it your mother isn’t home yet.”

“No,” Lacy said, “and we haven’t heard from her either.”

“I’m glad you stopped by. You’re always here when our family needs you. How are you Marcus?”

“Fine Lacy, how are you doing?”

“Very well thank you.”

“Come on in let’s talk,” said Alexis. “We need to catch up,”

“You’re looking very beautiful Alexis. Your hair is getting long.” Marcus tried to distract them. “Are you going to cut it again?”

“No, I think I’ll let it keep growing.”

“You’re looking more and more like Sylvia every day—long hair or not.” He turned to Lacy, “you are still the beautiful female version of your father,” he smiled. “Are you stressing?”

“Alexis thinks I’m worrying for nothing.”

“I’m sure she’s right. Sylvia will be okay,” Marcus said. “I’ve known your mother for many years and there is one thing I know for sure. Sylvia Masters is a strong woman capable of handling herself in any situation. Just try to think positive and relax.”

“I know Marcus but if you really felt that way why are you here?” Lacy asked.

“Lacy; that’s cold,” said Alexis.

The three of them walked into the library, Marcus poured himself a drink and they sat passing the time. Marcus was able to distract them as they waited on Sylvia.

Thirty minutes later Marcus sprang to his feet and stood at attention. He adjusted the jacket of his dark gray Armani suit as he watched a shapely dark haired woman stroll into the room.

Alexis and Lacy turned around.

Sylvia Masters stopped just inside the door way; she raised her brows when she looked at the concerned tightlipped faces in the room. All three pairs of eyes stared back at her.

“Mother! Thank goodness.” Lacy exhaled a long sigh of relief. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine Lacy. Why do you ask? Why is everybody looking so glum?” She frowned when she locked eyes with her devoted friend. “And why are you here Marcus?”

He sat his drink down and walked toward Sylvia. “Where have you been?”

“Out.” Sylvia snapped as her brows drew closer together.

Marcus knew that response was typical of Sylvia. She didn’t owe him an explanation, friend or not.

“Did you hear?” Marcus looked at Sylvia. “Addison Lockwood was found dead earlier this evening.”

Sylvia’s eyes popped, “Addison? Dead?” She froze, chills ran through her body as her Louis Vuitton pursed dropped to the floor.

“Yes Mother, it’s true.” Alexis pushed back her long dark hair out of her face. We were concerned about you because we didn’t want you to hear about Addison from some stranger on the street.”

“We were both concerned you may find out before you got home and how you’d take it if you did,” Lacy said.

Sylvia’s limp body nearly collapsed as Marcus caught her by her waist and held her up; he walked her to her favorite chair. She took a deep breath as she slumped in her cushy oversized throne that sat in a corner of the library positioned so she could see everything that went on around her.

She placed her hand over her forehead. “That can’t be,” she frowned. “I don’t believe it. What happened?”

“We don’t have the details,” Marcus answered, “but it’s all over the news.” A Lieutenant Reynolds gave a brief interview to the media. According to his statement, Addison was found lying on his living room floor. Apparently he was struck in the back of his head.”

Lacy sat on the ottoman by her mother’s chair and squeezed Sylvia’s trembling hand as she looked at her. “Mother, I was so worried about you. You should have phoned. We tried to call you.”

Sylvia let out a deep breath as she released her hand from Lacy’s grasp; she stroked Lacy’s cheek as she looked into her gentle brown eyes. “I’m not accustomed to phoning in my whereabouts and I won’t start.” She sighed and sat up straight to regain her composure.

The sheer curtains that hung from the tall windows filtered the sun that peered through a small opening as it slowly slipped away.


© 2010 All rights reserved. Book Excerpt Reprinted with Permission of Sherlyn Powell, author. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the author’s written permission. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Share a link to this page or the author’s website if you really like this sample chapter.

About Sherlyn Powell
Sherlyn Powell is an Author, Speaker and Publisher. She majored in Business Management at Northern Virginia Community College. Although Powell has a business background she has always loved writing. Her vivid imagination led her to creative writing classes to craft her highly praised debut novel, Something Desirable, released in May 2008. Sherlyn has been called an extraordinary writer. Her second novel, Captured Hearts is now available and has already gotten her one of the most rewarding five star reviews from one reviewer.

Sherlyn loves family and has strong faith in God. She writes about strong independent women, family loyalty and friendships. Creating believable characters and positive images her readers can identify with while maintaining a page turner is her ultimate goal when she writes.

A native of Virginia, Sherlyn always dreamed of being an author and a playwright. She dreams of seeing her characters come to life one day. She remembers a reading library her grandmother bought her when she was a child. Growing up she spent a lot time reading stories ranging from nursery rhymes, to Tom Sawyer to great literature like To Kill a Mockingbird. She also enjoys non-fiction, loves true stories and documentaries.

Though writing is her passion since childhood, she enjoys traveling, networking and photography.

Powell is the mother of two and resides in Virginia with her husband. She is a member of James River Writers, National Association of Professional Women, The Riverside Writers and The Virginia Writer’s Club.  Contact Sherlyn via her website  or at Facebook


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