Poetic Expression: Happiness by Opal Craine

05 Dec

Happiness by Opal Craine

It’s when you know how to enjoy the small moments in everyday; it’s appreciating the randomness of it all in every way.

It’s the jolly you feel from a good hard laugh, the refreshing feeling of a good hot bath,

It’s good conversation over dinner for two, it’s someone you love saying I love you too.

It’s being enlightened by a beautiful mind, expressions of gratitude towards an act that’s kind.

It’s the cataract victims’ brand new sight-enjoying the beauty of a full moon’s light.

It’s cancer hiding its face in remission, a good man taking your daughter’s hand with permission.

It’s working hard to lose the excess weight, finally getting compliments and being asked out on dates.

It’s conception for the woman who’d been unable to conceive or a goal that was reached that seemed impossible to achieve.

It’s the experience of staring death straight in the face, renewing your strength and finding you place.

It’s a timely sermon from your favorite preacher, the sense of accomplishment of a mentor or teacher.

It’s the excitement of catching you first fish, thankfulness for a love one cooking your favorite dish.

It’s finding an old friend and feeling home again, it’s swallowing your pride and making amends.

It’s Dad with girls when he finally gets a son, it’s appreciation for family and special loved ones.

It’s the joy of a parent on graduation day, after struggles, and trials-they turned out okay.

Happiness is accepting that situations will come your way-believe in someone greater who can make the storms obey.

Copyright 2010. All Rights Reserved. Poem written by Opal Craine, Ladies of the Round Table Bookclub


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