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25 Dec
Intimate Conversation with Shelia M. Goss
Shelia M. Goss is the Essence Magazine & Black Expressions Book Club Best-Selling author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are Thorns, Paige’s Web, Double Platinum, His Invisible Wife, Hollywood Deception and the teen series The Lip Gloss Chronicles. Delilah is her tenth novel and first Christian fiction novel. To learn more, visit her website:
BPM: Tell us about your passion for writing. What impact do you want your book to make on the readers?
My passion for writing blossomed after meeting Maya Angelou my freshman year in high school. I was shy growing up and writing was one form of me expressing myself. Writing is a part of me and even if I didn’t have any books published, I would still be writing. I want my books to inspire and encourage others on this journey we call life.
BPM: Finish this sentence- My writing offers the following legacy to future readers…
It’s a doorway into relationships during my time period. It shows, via the characters, how to overcome life’s trials and tribulations.
BPM: Introduce us to your latest book, Delilah, Christian fiction.
Behind every successful man is a good woman. The downfall of a good man is a woman up to no good.
Thirty and fine, Samson Judges is preacher of the Peaceful Rest Missionary Baptist Church . He’s beloved by his congregation, but temptation is about to strike in the form of divalicious beauty Delilah, and only the Good Lord knows if Samson will be able to keep his head on straight with her. Especially considering he’s about to be married to Julia Rivers. Julia helped shape Samson into the man he is, but Delilah wants to knock him down. He doesn’t know she’s been hired to distract him by real estate developer William Trusts, who wants to acquire the land where Samson’s church stands…. Samson feels like his relationship with God puts him above it all, but his weakness for Delilah may just cause him to lose everything. ~ Black Expressions Book Club
Delilah is an entertaining novel with a Christian message that is not preachy but allows the readers to see how our choices can affect our lives. The characters face many temptations but there is room for redemption. I think even if you don’t normally read Christian fiction, you will be able to enjoy Delilah and hopefully it will lead the reader into reading other books in the genre.
BPM: What specific situation or revelation prompted you to write your book?
I wrote Delilah because I kept hearing people trying to blame others for their transgressions instead of taking responsibilities for their own actions. I decided to take a tragic love story from the Bible and give it a modern day twist.
Delilah is the first book in my “Bad Women of the Bible” series. I’ve chosen women, who from mere appearances, was the cause of several great men downfall. But when you dig a little deeper, you realize the men had choices; just like we have choices in our life. It’s up to each individual to weigh their options before acting or reacting. Our decisions can lead to life or death.
BPM: Give us a little bit of the back story on Delilah.
Delilah is the main character. She makes the mistake of falling in love with her pastor, Rev. Samson Judges. Delilah hasn’t had luck with men in the past but feels her luck has changed when she meets Samson. In her eyes, Samson’s perfect and can do no wrong. Delilah feels if given the chance, Samson could grow to love her. She doesn’t care he’s already engaged to marry someone else.
Samson was called to preach at a young age but he ran from his calling until after college. During his college years, he was what most would call a player but once he decided to dedicate his life to the Lord, he became celibate. Samson feels that his relationship with God is so strong that he can withstand any form of temptation. Up until he met Delilah, he was able to deal with the temptations of the flesh.
Both characters are dealing with deception in one form or another.
BPM: What are two major events taking place in Delilah?
The first major event is when Samson succumbs to Delilah’s temptation. He’s at a crossroads and the decision he makes at this point will not only affect him, but his family and church.
Another major event occurs when Delilah realizes that she’s been deceived by her concept of love.
BPM: Were there things from “your world” incorporated into this storyline?
I don’t write about my real life. All of my books are fiction; any resemblance to anyone real is purely a coincidence.
BPM: What was the most powerful chapter for you to write in Delilah?
There were several, but there was one chapter where Samson prays to God to forgive Delilah for her sins, but Samson failed to acknowledge his own sins. While writing that chapter, it reminded me of how sometimes we are quick to judge others, but fail to examine ourselves.
BPM: Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
No one is perfect and we all fall short, but even with our imperfections, God gives us grace and shows us mercy.
BPM: Share with us your latest news or upcoming book releases.
I’m celebrating book #10 with Delilah’s release. I write in multiple genres, so I’ll have a suspense novel coming out on March 1, 2011 called Savannah’s Curse. I’m also working on the rest of the books in my “Bad Women of the Bible” series.
BPM: How can our readers reach you online?
Readers can reach me via the contact form on my website:  or friend me at
Book Reviews
“Many stories that include preachers are over-the-top, but the author’s creative nature blends this topic along with deceit and betrayal into the story, making it just right.” ~ Review by Teresa Beasley-APOOO Book Club
“The book was highly entertaining, yet never lost sight of the Christian message. I recommend Delilah to those who love Christian fiction and to all readers who enjoy great writing and storyline.” ~ Angelia Menchan, Author and Avid Reader
Delilah by Shelia M. Goss
ISBN-10: 1601628854
ISBN-13: 978-1601628855

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