Bookclub: Carla Walker President Queens Book Club ATL

08 Feb

Meet Carla Walker President of the Queens Book Club of Atlanta

Queens Book Club of Atlanta was founded in 2006 by a group of friends who shared the love for reading. They felt the need to create a book club called Queens because they knew each woman should recognize the Queen they are.

Queens Book Club was created to reach out to women and come together to discuss and enjoy selective books of the month.

On January 2007, Queens had the first kick-off meeting with guest author Mrs. Tina Brooks McKinney (“All That Drama”) and she became our first honorary member. As of 2009, Queens Book Club is still going strong by the grace of GOD. Queens was fortunate enough to have a chapter formed in Raymond, Mississippi by Adrienne Bailey in 2008. With both chapters we continue to promote importance of reading through each other and our community. Among each other we continue to come together for the love of reading, positive fellowship and sisterhood.

President Biography:  My name is Carla Walker and I have been fortunate to have fallen in love with books at an early age. With a huge passion for reading, I joined one of Atlanta’s biggest book club for five (5) years and became member of the year there in 2004. From there GOD planted a seed in me to start my very own book club and from there Queens Book Club was born! I was blessed to have a couple of friends who decided to take the journey with me.

As of this day, some of those same friends are still a part of the club. They are my backbone when I feel I cannot go on anymore. I’m so bless to have my members because without GOD Queens Book Club will not exist. With all the hard work I continue to put into the club, my members (awesome Queens) came together on our 2007 Christmas gathering and presented me a plaque for all the hard work and dedication. When I think of that moment even to this day, that’s my motivation to keep going and allow Queens Book Club to touch someone and become a part of our circle.

Ella: What is the vision for your organization?
To offer a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere, outside of the home and workplace, to, explore many bold, adventurous, and spontaneous interests as a whole. Enjoy the bond of sisterhood and fellowship.

Ella: How important reading is to you?
Reading is so important because you can reach to so many people. Giving someone a book to read can open doors to a new career, friendship and connection can be made; education can take place and so much more. Reading is something a person cannot live without. Knowledge is power.

Ella: Living your best life includes… 
Living your best life includes… knowing and continue to learn and love GOD more, living a healthy and bless life, having wonderful family and friends in my corner, good loving relationship with a mate and just being comfortable and continuous blessings from GOD.

Ella: On your nightstand now:
Right now, on my night stand, “Behind Those Eyes” by TP Carter, “To Good To Be True” by E. Lynn Harris, “Why Men Fear Marriage” by RM Johnson, “Secret Society” by Miasha and so many more.

Ella: Book all readers should own besides the bible:
“Behind Those Eyes” by TP Carter

Ella: Book that changed your life:
“Behind Those Eyes” It just gives you a whole different perspective about love, finding your true mate, relationship and the belief in true love.

Ella: Book you’ve bought for the cover:
A book called “Taste Like Chicken”

Ella: Favorite couple or quote from a book:
Best couple in a book is from “Red Light Special” detective agent Blessing Shields and Collyn Bazemore.

Favorite quote:
“A true Diva is a woman who knows that life is not about her, but rather the contribution she makes to others around her and the legacy she will leave behind.” – From ‘The Diva Principle’, 2004.

Ella: Book you most want to read AGAIN much slower, to savor:
“Behind Those Eyes” & “The Other Woman”

Ella: Favorite genre, series or sequels:
I like all type of books from romance, urban fiction, mystery, inspirational, self-help and any others that I think will interests me or just to give it a try.

Ella: Your top three authors. Why? 
Top three authors are Eric J. Dickey, RM Johnson and all the authors who are incarcerated. I feel some authors who are incarcerated are telling real true stories and from research they are some of the best writers. Sad they cannot personally meet those who enjoy reading their stories.

Ella: Name three authors you would like to do a phone chat with this year.
TP Carter, Risque and Wahida Clark.

Ella: Share your news or events with us. What’s next for your group? 
Our next upcoming event is, preparing Halloween bags for kids at a children’s hospital, making plans for the holidays Thanksgiving and Christmas to sponsor a needed family and to volunteer our time feeding the homeless.

Carla Walker, President and Founder
Q.U.E.E.N.S. Book Club of Atlanta


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