Bookclub: Diana Glasgow President Essence of Books

08 Feb

Meet Diana Glasgow President of Essence of Books Club

Diana Glasgow founded the Essence Of  Books book club in March 1997, due to her love of books. She grew up in Los Angeles, CA  where she attended elementary, middle and high school. Mother of two daughters and a granddaughter. Board of directors for a local mentoring youth foundation and full time job skills training specialist for a major utility company.

The Essence of Books book club was founded in March 1997 by Diana Glasgow. Diana has been an avid reader since a teenager, her first genre of books were romance novels. After years of reading alone, the decision was made to form a book club. Flyers and phone calls went out to all friends and family to attend the first book club of Essence.

Fifty ladies showed up to the meeting and we laughed and talked for hours, needless to say this was not the making of a good book club so the next meeting was more structured and geared towards only the serious readers. We have had 11-15 active members for more than 12 years.

What is the vision for your organization?
Our vision is to promote good books written by us for us. We pride ourselves on having a safe zone at the book club meetings, our motto: what happens at the book club stays at the book club. My vision is to create a sisterhood that far out weighs just a book club. Promoting literacy amongst our young lady readers is extremely important and a goal is to form a young ladies of essence book club for 12-18 year olds. Our vision is to become better each year and have at least one author visit us each year.

Our goal is to read, discuss and reenact the events of the book. Our monthly meetings are held on Friday night where we get together for a fun filled sisterhood night of discussion, debating, eating, drinking and bonding. We have had authors attend our meetings to discuss their books, we have also indulged in a pole dancing experiment when the book we read main character was a stripper. Our members put 110% into their meeting. Each book and theme is scored monthly and hostess of the year and book of the year receives a beautiful crystal plague.

We also end the year with a spectacular Christmas gift exchange and outing to a local restaurant to celebrate another year of books! We travel once a year with a weekend spa getaway, our favorite spa getaways have included Las Vegas , NV and Palm Springs, CA. We have a Vice President, Gina Gray and an event coordinator, Euvon Cox who are extremely important to the operations of the Essence of books book club.

Book all readers should own besides the bible:
The Secret is a book everyone should own, it is an easy guide to help you get on or stay on the right path with your spirituality.

Living your best life includes:
Good books, good conversation, good family and friends, good love and good food and wine!

Name three authors you would like to do a phone chat with this year.
Eric Jerome Dickey
Maya Angelou
Terry McMillan

Book you most want to read AGAIN much slower, to savor.
Satisfy my soul by Colin Channer


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