Bookclub: Judy Stewart and Essence of Knowledge

08 Feb
Meet the Essence of Knowledge Book Club Louisiana

Essence of Knowledge Book Club was founded in September 2003, by a group of co-workers who loved reading books. They invited family and friends to join for group sessions.
From that point on, we became a book club and started meeting once a month discussing books with refreshments and going to different outings. At that time, Judy Stewart was nominated as president of the book club, along with other officers.
We started with 18 members, but due to Hurricane Katrina, most of our members were displaced. We currently have 10 active members. We still consider our displaced members as our honorary members of the club. When they are home in Louisiana, they are welcome to attend our meetings.

The name “Essence of Knowledge” has a meaning of African American, educated women who strives to accomplish our goals of life. We are a group of African American women that supports literacy and decided to use literacy as a tool to support one another and share life experiences that will allow us to make wiser choices and gain knowledge within our circle.

Vision of Essence of Knowledge Book Club Our vision is to expand our reading level to a new level. We would like to have many meet and greets with various authors. Our goal is to continuously volunteer and donate to organizations and to our community. Some of the organizations we have participated with are Samaritan Purse and the Covenant House. We also strive to support new authors around the nation and in Louisiana, especially New Orleans.

How important is reading to you?Reading is important because it is knowledgeable. Reading can broaden your mind and ideas. It can give you a deeper understanding on how to explain your feelings and experiences that you have encountered through your life. Reading also meditates your mind from a long day at work.

Finish this sentence: Living your best life includes… Living your best life includes…being happy and prosperous in whatever you may want to accomplish.

The book all readers should own besides the bible: “The Child of God” by Lolita Files.

The book that changed your life: “The Penny” by Joyce Meyers and Deborah Bedford and “The Power of Being a Women” by McKinney Hammond.

Favorite Series: Curtis Black series by Kimberla Lawson Roby and Dutch by Kwame Teague/Terri Woods

Name your top 3 authors and why.
Noire, Zane and Kimberla Lawson Roby – Each author writes their books as a page turner, which are full of action and suspense.

Three authors you would like to do a phone chat with this year.Terri Woods, Zane, and Steve Harvey

News and Event:We are planning to attend the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta, for the first time.


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