Bookclub: Marina Woods President GoodGirlBookClubOnline

08 Feb

Meet  Marina Woods President of  GoodGirlBookClubOnline ™

Marina Woods is a graduate of North Park University in Chicago where she received a B.A. in Communication Arts. With a strong desire to utilize her gifts in writing and speaking, Woods began pursuing her dream of working in Radio/TV. Upon graduation, Woods worked for Clear Channel Radio as a communications coordinator.

Soon after, Woods began seeking the Lord for direction of how best to integrate her creative strengths and passions while working in the media. She began freelancing for various advertising and public relations agencies. Two years later she landed the position of syndicator for The Oprah Winfrey Show. Still feeling unfulfilled spiritually and professionally, Woods again sought the Lord for direction, this time inquiring about her passion for books, her aspiration to have an enlarged territory and a medium to encourage women to spend their leisure time in a rewarding way.

Stepping out on faith, in 1999 Marina Woods founded, the #1 Destination for Today’s Aspiring Woman where she serves as President and Chief Marketing Officer. She is a trailblazer for bringing Christian and inspirational books to a national audience when Christian books were unheard of and unpopular.

To her credit she has inspired hundreds of writers to become Christian and inspirational author’s and countless others begin ventures publicizing Christian and inspirational books.GoodGirlBookClubOnline™  is featured in Publisher’s Weekly, the Seattle Times, Essence Magazine; Black Issues Book Review, Precious Times Magazine, the Literary Source, Saints Mega paper, Good News Magazine, Gospel Today and Missionary Magazine. Woods has also been a guest on numerous radio and TV talk shows promoting GGBC.

The website: reaches over 125,000 aspiring women worldwide whereby helping women discover Christian books, products, ministries, events and resources that will inspire and empower.

During her 11 year career as a Christian book promoter and marketing specialist, Marina has worked with the national bestsellers such as Michelle McKinney Hammond, Patricia Haley, Victoria Christopher Murray, Joyce Meyer, Sharon Ewell Foster, and also helped launch the careers of new authors such as Mikasenoja, Kim Floyd and many more.

In addition, Marina Woods is an internet development and marketing coach with which coaches women on starting, marketing and sustaining online ventures. Woods’ corporate mission and ministry are the same  “to inspire, empower and transform the lives of women.”

She is a highly sought after speaker for women’s groups, organizations, colleges and universities on the topics of marketing, advertising and PR, and has been featured in several books including Refined by Fire: Defining Moments of Powerful Women and Inspired Attraction with international marketing expert and guru, Joe Vitale.

Marina volunteers as a communications workshop leader for the Girl Scouts of Chicago and a writing coach for College Summit. Visit the GGBC site for more details:


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