Bookclub: Only One Key Stroke Away (O.O.S.A.)

08 Feb

Meet Only One Key Stroke Away (O.O.S.A.) Book Club

 Only One Key Stroke Away (O.O.S.A.) was founded in January of 2005 by a group of readers, wishing to share their thoughts and opinions with others. We started out as a group that simply read together. Eventually we moved to inviting authors to chat with us about their books. Shortly thereafter, we decided to review our selected reads.

Our reviews are posted at several sites including: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, MySpace and GoodReads. The rest is … OOSA! Our resume includes hundreds of titles of varying genres as our motto is: OOSA Gets It Read!

Ella: What is the vision for your organization? We do not have a president. We are a team and there is no “I” in team. We each have responsibilities and tasks that make OOSA what it is. We are an online book club and reviewing team that focuses on African American authors. We wish to further promote African American literature by taking special interest in new and self published authors. We read, review and recommend.

Ella: How important reading is to you? It’s cliché, but reading is fundamental. It’s the corner stone to life. We read everyday in our lives, whether we want to or not. Because literacy is so important we believe in starting as early as possible. The Ladies of OOSA are mothers, grandmothers and aunts. We promote literacy within our families first. When our children see us reading and enjoying ourselves, it encourages them to read. They learn reading is not a chore but something fun to do. What better method than to teach by example.

Ella: Favorite couple from a book: Nina and Dutch (Dutch – Kwame Teague), Yuri and Britt (The Sweetest Taboo – Risque), Portia and Jay (A Dollar Outta Fifteen Cent – Caroline McGill), Clark and Devin (Caught in the Mix – Candice Dow) and Natalia and Shawn (Triangle of Sins – Nurit Folkes).

Ella: Favorite genre, series or sequels:
We are a group of avid readers with various tastes in literature. As such, we really don’t have particular preferred genres. We welcome and enjoy all genres. Some of our favorite sequels include: Little Black Girl Lost by Keith Lee Johnson, the True2Life series by Al-Saadiq Banks, Dutch by Kwame Teague, Naughty by Brenda Hampton, the Vernetta Henderson legal thrillers by Pamela Samuels Young and the Dilemma series by Reign.

Ella: Name three authors you would like to chat with this year. We’ve been fortunate enough to have had phone chats this year with several of our favorite authors including Mike Sanders, Torrian Ferguson, Kwame ‘Dutch’ Teague, Anthony Fields and Al-Saadiq Banks. We’re hoping to get in a few more before the year comes to an end.

Ella: Share your news or events with us.
What’s next…more Author Spotlights and contests.. And as always, we read, review and recommend. It’s what we do.

Book club and contact info: Website:


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