Bookclub: Readers in Motion President

08 Feb
Meet Kim McRae  President of  Readers in Motion Book Club

Share with us the history of the organization.
Hello, my name is Kim McRae and I am the president of Readers in Motion Book Club. I am a 26 year old nurse and mother. As you can tell I am very busy; however, I have always had a passion for reading. I have tried to start a local book clubs here in Chicago , but it never was successful. It was hard to find individuals that shared the same passion for reading that I hold. I became a member of my favorite author, Wahida Clark’s social network. I felt very comfortable and welcomed. After seeing that everyone on the site had the same enthusiasm for reading that I had, I decided to do an online book club.
The first step for creating the book club was to create a name. We are all busy people; however, we make time throughout our hectic day to read. The name Readers In Motion seemed to fit perfectly Readers in Motion Book Club was established in January 2009. When RIM started we held our monthly online chats at Wahida’s site. In March 2009 RIM launched its own site, and with the help of my 2 Vice Presidents, Minah and Misha, we created our MySpace page, which is I enjoy different genres, which range from urban literature to Christian literature. Therefore, I didn’t want to limit the book club to a certain genre. I will admit that urban literature and contemporary fiction is my favorite, along with most of the members.
What is the vision for your organization?
My Vision for the book club is to have a place that readers’ passion is appreciated. RIM is a place where known authors as well as aspiring authors can come and get honest feedback by people that respect their work. We are a family and we want every member to feel welcome and important. We have monthly chats on our featured book, which we collectively chose. I also try to have authors attend the chats if possible. Our past guest is essence best selling author, Wahida Clark, author of the highly anticipated book, Thug Lovin’, which is the fourth addition to her Thug series. Mike Sanders, author of the highly acclaimed book, Thirsty is scheduled to log on for our April 25th chat. Both Wahida and Mike are honorary members. At the end of the day I want RIM to be known as the place where readers, authors, and poets can come and share their excitement for literature.
Favorite book when you were a child: 
My favorite books when I was a child were the American girl Abby series.
Favorite genre, series or sequel:
My favorite genre is Urban Literature; however, contemporary fiction is a close second. My favorite series is Wahida Clark’s Thug Series.
Your top three authors. Why?
My top 3 authors are Carl Weber, Kimberla Lawson Roby, and Wahida Clark. These are my favorite authors because their style of writing is unique. You can read any of their books without their names on it and know that they’re the authors. Their styles can not be duplicated. Their imagination and insight is endless.
Book that you’ve bought for the cover:
The book that I bought for the cover is Keyshia and Clyde by Treasure E. Blues. On the cover was a woman with dark sunglasses and a man that looks like he wants to embrace her but doesn’t know how. It is a great book and I am happy that I got it.
Favorite line or couple from a book:
My favorite couple from a book also came from the novel Keyshia and Clyde by Treasure E. Blues. They had a love for each other that was everlasting and pure. The feelings were palpable while I was reading it.
My favorite Line from a book is “It’s got to be God first or nothing will work long term, whether you like it or not. He will not be ruled by you or moved by your pouting, whining, or acting out”- Tamara’s mother Playing God by Michelle McKinney Hammond
On your nightstand now:
On my nightstand now is Single Husbands by Honey B
Book that changed your life:
The book that changed my life is The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah. This was the first urban book that I read. I feel like this book was something that I can relate to as well as learn from. This book really showed me how there is only one “hood” or “ghetto”. They are all the same and we face the same problems. The only thing that changes is the names, address, and weather.
Book all readers should own besides the Bible:
The book that everyone should own besides the bible is The Audacity of Hope by President Barack Obama
Book you most want to read AGAIN much slower, to savor:
Book that I most want to read again and slower so that I can savor it is the Bible.
Name three authors you would like to do a phone chat with this year:
The authors that I would love to have a phone chat with are President Barack Obama, Wahida Clark, and Carl Weber

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