Meet C. Jay founder of the Risque Cafe

08 Feb
Meet C. Jay founder of the Risque Cafe

The Risque Cafe’s  purpose is to create an outlet that will bring more awareness to the Art of Literature, extend authors craft abroad, and promote unity within the literary community. We plan and promote events to bring readers and authors together plus facilitate activities pertaining to an intimate yet fun setting.

Ella: What exactly does your company do for the client?
One of our primary services is literary event planning/management. We at The Risque Cafe are very big on themes and getting the participants to be interactive at the events. This allows them not only to attend the event but to be apart of the event which in return creates a memorable experience for them as a guest. One of our goals is to change the perception people have when it comes to book signings, readings, or pretty much anything pertaining to literature….reading can be fun. We showcase authors and their books as well as advertise and promote events everywhere through several creative productive outlets.

Ella: What’s coming soon for The Risque Cafe?
The Risque Cafe and its partners are hosting a national campaign called Losing 4 Literacy. This campaign will bring more awareness to the literary arts and healthcare plus bring communities together on a local as well as national level. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who is a philanthropist at heart to give back and experience a positive life change.

Losing 4 Literacy is a 12-week weight-loss/wellness challenge organized with the purpose of helping establish a nonprofit organization that will empower inner-city and troubled youths to express themselves in a positive manner, bring awareness to the literary community and promote healthier lifestyles.

At the end of the 12-week challenge, the top 3 teams with the highest percentage of weight loss will be awarded a cash prize, products, books, and more. We even have a surprise celebrity helping with the project. I can’t release that information until all the paperwork has been completed and signed.

Ella: How would you describe your experience as a Entrepreneur?Great, I would not change it for the world! I have had my challenges like anyone else but for the most part, GOD has been good to me. I’ve been blessed to meet some great people throughout my journey, like you, Ella and a lot more. So again, the experience has been great.

Ella: What advise would you give someone just starting out?
Be ready to work. Nothing is going to be given to you. It takes time to build but with persistence, late nights, and hard work anything is possible.

Ella: What’s new in your company?The Risque Cafe is planning on doing some road trips. We want to spread the experience of being a part of a “literary event” to people everywhere. Plus our non-profit organization will be established and we will be collaborating with authors, publishers, and other literary base companies on different joint business adventures and workshops.

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