A Blessing and A Curse by Author Andrea Clinton

06 Nov
A Blessing and A Curse 
by Andrea Clinton
In “A Blessing and A Curse” Malika has the life every woman wants, a hard working husband who makes it happen financially; kids, both adopted as well as biological; her career as an artist with partners who own an art gallery; nice house, nice neighbors and the gift of foresight.

Malika couldn’t ask for much more, until her gift of sight and infrequent ability to read minds opened her up to her husband’s disgust, followed by his uncaring desire to leave her. She can’t figure it out, what has gone wrong? But a well needed vacation helps her find her worth but to what detrimental end?

Malika finds a different type of groove in her story,  A Blessing and A Curse. 

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Intimate Conversation with Andrea Clinton
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Previously an English teacher and high school principal, Andrea Clintonis a Novelist, Poet, Essayist and aspiring Screenwriter and Filmmaker. Andrea is a Montclair State University Graduate, who’s achieved a degree in English, Film and Journalism. She’s the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization, People Helping People, Inc., whose mission is to help citizens become independent and self-sufficient; Andrea is Editor in Chief of AMISTAD newspaper and magazine; and is presently working on a biography and screenplay featuring her uncle, Rock and Roll Hall of famer, George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic and the Clinton family.

Struck with Lupus in 2002, Andrea decided that if she were blessed to live, she would bring her countless stories into fruition by publishing them for the world to read. Her first novel is one of five in the first volume of, “Life Knows No Bounds.” Andrea began this chronicle to exhibit to the world and address through fiction, the many directions life leads us in, regardless of which class we belong to. Andrea also set out to express to the world that life isn’t after anyone in particular, it just doesn’t know boundaries.

With the goal of helping people to understand and accept life, Andrea is said to write with that same creative gene and knack that made her uncle George Clinton the musical great that he is. See her many book reviews that support Andrea Clinton as a creative and entertaining great writer on the rise.

BAN: You have overcome many obstacles in life, how do you stay focused and keep writing? Do you have days when you just want to give up writing?
Many. In fact, it’s the reason I’m just now publishing. I had heard so many horror stories about the book industry that I ran like a chicken for many years, sharing my stories in magazines and newspapers as well as with friends. Even when professors encouraged me to send my work out to authors I wouldn’t because it seemed too cut-throat and I wasn’t up for the task. After all the research I did and an agent who seemed rough around the edges, I just did away with the thought. But, when I was struck with lupus in 2002, I regretted having 10 or more year old stories that received rave reviews, but were all packed in trunks and storage boxes. It was too heavy on my mind as I lay sick that I never published, nor attempted to. All this, while laying and worrying about dying from lupus. So when I was well, a publicist I’d consulted with at that time said with having lupus and being fearful of not having the time to live to publish my finished books, I should self publish. Thus, the 1st book in the “Life Knows No Bounds series.”

BAN: Do you have any favorite authors or books? 
Sure, J. California Cooper, she’s outstanding. I started out writing stories like the ones she writes, with the same aim to enlighten others about previous goings on in the south and things they forget about. I also love Terry McMillan, Alice Walker, Michael Baisden and Eric Jerome Dickey. Other Books in African Literature.: Mother To Mother, Mema, and Devil On The Cross.

My literary muses are, and I say it proudly, Richard Wright who made me want to tell my story; and my favorite author,  J. California Cooper who pushed me to complete my first short short story after I read family. Charles W. Chestnut who was the first African American realism writer in the 1800′s, he shed light on slavery from a different angle; and Charlotte Perkins Gilman who wrote, “The Yellow Wallpaper” after experiencing some mental health issues and felt the condition and the treatment of women needed to be exposed so male doctors at that time could stop treating women as if they were insignificant and limp. They make me not just want to write, but they make me want to blast off in the literary world! They are my Duracell batteries… my muse. 

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