Perfectly Designed by Daphne Douglas

06 Nov

What will Nikki do when her mind doesn’t remember, but her body does?  

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Architect Nikki Phillips awakens from a coma with no memory of the past three years.  She believes she is in a three year relationship with her ex-boyfriend, basketball star DaJuan Spencer, but in reality she is engaged to Trey Williams – her high school crush and the most gorgeous man she has ever seen.  Despite having no memory of a romantic relationship with the sexy veterinarian, Nikki can’t ignore the erotic visions she has of Trey making love to her or how her body tingles all over when he is near. 

Devastated by the current situation, Trey is determined to help Nikki regain her memory.  He supports her and shows her a love she has never known.  DaJuan on the other hand, has fought hard to get Nikki back after destroying their relation.  He feels lucky that circumstances have provided him with another opportunity.  His only hope is that Nikki’s memory won’t return until after she falls in love with him again.   

Now being pursued by two gorgeous men, Nikki must decide whether to continue the relationship she remembers with DaJuan, despite her changing feelings for him or Trey the man her mind doesn’t remember but her body and her heart does. 

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Contemporary Romance
ISBN-10: 0615652832
ISBN-13: 978-0615652832

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