Havoc on a Homewrecker by Mz. Robinson

08 Nov

Havoc on a Homewrecker by Mz. Robinson
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Finding a man has never been a problem for Toi Underwood. Finding a man who understands and respects her devotion to her career, lack of availability, and need for her me time is another story. Toi is so career driven that when she meets a man she either intimidates him or she pisses him off.

When Toi meets Carlton Thomas she begins to think that her prayers have been answered. Not only is Carlton attractive, he’s hardworking and understands her busy lifestyle. He’s patient and respects that Toi can’t be readily available to him due to other commitments. After all, he has his own extracurricular activities. Toi thinks she has met her match until she discovers that one of Carlton ’s extracurricular activities, just so happens to be another woman—his wife, Lisa.

Toi knows in her heart that walking away is the best option, but sometimes the right thing to do is also the hardest, especially when emotions and feelings have gotten involved. Toi’s mantra becomes, It is…what it is. Toi’s not looking for a ring and currently she could care less about being anyone’s wifey. To be honest she could care less about Lisa. It’s obvious that she’s doing something wrong that would make her man have to look elsewhere. Right? And what Lisa doesn’t know can’t hurt her. As long as everyone is happy, what could possibly go wrong?

For six years Lisa waited anxiously for Carlton to propose. Now, two years later, she has the ring and the papers. Granted, marriage hasn’t been what she expected, but she’s determined to make the best out of it. When she discovers Carlton has not only been playing the field but that he and Toi refuse to end their affair, Lisa becomes a woman on a mission. Lisa throws all logic and reasoning out the window and decides it’s time to teach some unforgettable lessons.

Toi quickly learns that ending her affair with Carlton is not only the right thing to do but could possibly save her life. However, some awakenings come a little too late. Toi will see that when the right woman gets fed up she can truly be Havoc on a Home Wrecker.

Book Review for Havoc on a Homewrecker
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I’m at a lost for words!  Mz. Robinson, you have fire drizzling from your pen!! Havoc on a Homewrecker is undoubtedly a TOP SELLER!! The characters came to life and brought their drama through my door. I liked them, then I hated them. I didn’t know whether I wanted to fight the men or the women but I knew I wanted somebody!! Your ability to take the story in one direction, then bring it back around and end up somewhere I never expected is remarkable. Keep ’em comin’!  ~BOSS LADI

ISBN-10: 1938442105
ISBN-13: 978-1938442100
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