Black Books Weekend Treasure Hunt

11 Nov

Black Books Weekend Literary Treasure Hunt

Black Books Weekend, is a totally ONLINE book festival.  Black Books Weekend will open Black Friday, November 23-26, 2012 on The Black Authors Network Online Radio Show.  We are playing a literary treasure hunt.  Visit all of the websites below to find each “gem” as your answers!  Compile a complete collection of correct answers to win fabulous book gifts during Black Books Weekend. The game will be played November 23-26, 2012 and you must be in the BAN chatroom.


* You must be present and logged into the BAN Radio chatroom when the questions are posted.  Go here to register AND to enter the BAN Radio Show chatroom each night:

The first person to post the correct answer for each “gem” will win a book or a instant ebook download. If you are a winner, email Ella Curry immediately at this email address:  with your favorite genre of books and your home mailing address. You have 3 days to claim your book.

Find the answers to the questions for your own personal use.  Do not post the answers for others, because they might just beat you to the treasure chest!  The clues are listed below.


1. What is the name of Pamela Samuels Young new hair book? When will it release?  Find the treasure:

2. Kimberla Lawson Roby has a new book coming Jan. 8, 2013.  What is the complete title?  Find the treasure:

3. Ladies are you searching for Mr. Right? Check out Mr. Right by author ______.   Like the page and Find the treasure:

4. The Land of _____  by author Sherryle Kiser Jackson is a story about indiscretions, broken promises and a crazy twist of unrequited love.  Find the treasure:

5. ANOINTED by Patricia Haley is book number ___ in the highly acclaimed CHOSEN series.  Find the treasure:

6. Name the main characters in Where Did We Go Wrong? by Monica Mathis-Stowe.   Find the treasure:

7. Who is the main female character in the LA Blues series by Maxine Thompson.  Find the treasure:

8. What Atlanta, GA bookclub was established in November 2009 by Bobbi Ramey, president?  Find the treasure:

9. Fire Down Below by ____ contains four shorty stories and one long novella. First self-published title by this author, who has written more than 47 books!   Find the treasure:

10. Author Terri D.  is a long-term transplant resident of ______, PA.   Find the treasure:

11. Who are the 3 main characters in Havoc on a Homewrecker by Mz. Robinson?  Find the treasure:  

12.  In  Still Grindin’ by Kendall Banks, _______  is back and dirtier than ever in this sequel to Welfare Grind.  Find the treasure:

13. Every player can be played.  Calvin’s Trick or Treat is book 2 in the ____ Series by Tucker Davis. Find the treasure:

14. In “A Blessing and A Curse” by author _____,  Malika has the life every woman wants.  Find the treasure:

15. FREEMAN, the new novel by Leonard Pitts, Jr., takes place in the first few months following the ______ surrender and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  Find the treasure:


1. What is the link to the Books & Babes Literary Scavenger Hunts as listed on Black Pearls Magazine?  Find the treasure:

NOTICE:  This game/contest is not related to or sponsored by Facebook or Twitter in anyway.  This treasure hunt is sponsored by EDC Creations Media.  No purchase necessary to win. ONE book per person; per household.  Must be 19 years old to play.  Void where prohibited.  Ebook downloads will be given to all winners outside of the United States.  Books delivered via media mail in 14 days.
This game ends Monday Night, November 26, 2012 in the BAN Radio Chatroom.


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