Intimate Conversation with Kristopher Holbert

15 Feb
Intimate Conversation with Kristopher Holbert

Kristopher Holbert is an African-American author, born in the southern part of Dallas, Texas. While being raised by a single mother and bred from a long line of brute convicts, Holbert found himself down the familiar path of criminal lifestyle. In his early twenties the author was Federally indicted and sentenced when arrested by Customs and Border Patrol agents on the drug war infested Texas-Mexico border. It was a very dangerous environment especially for Holbert, being the only African-American inmate amongst thousands of Mexican drug cartel and street gang members.

Leaving that lifestyle behind, today Holbert has dedicated his life to transforming the minds of those who feel their only relevance in life comes from money or material goods by putting out literature and working to enlighten those seeking light in darkness.

Wisdom & Knowledge Sprinkled With Some Good Game: The Recipe For A Better You  by Kristopher Holbert

In this book Kristopher Holbert launches his “Revelation Before Rehabilitation Campaign”, sharing with his readers his newly reformed understanding of life skills, morality, and general common sense. Delivering inherited wisdom and knowledge from his troubled past life, the one time Drug Trafficker, Dealer, Gang Affiliate, and Federal inmate dispenses street savvy urban wisdom tagged as “Game” to the millions of people seeking a positive change. Holbert explores many different mentalities of today and offers strong insight regarding purpose and ethical solutions to self-destructive behavior. This socially conscious transformational tool captivates the uncivil with a more civil approach and is beneficial to all that strive for personal growth and development.    

BPM:  When did you get your first inkling to write, and how did you answer the call for writing?
I actually started off writing rap music, which was one of the biggest time consumers and expenses of my past. It’s really strange because in that era of my life I hardly ever got consumed or excited by anything that was not monetary, but when I would write, it would just seem as though I was building something for me to enjoy internally that related to my perspective.

As far as how I answered the call (to write) the only reply I have for that is I that understand my purpose; I just did it. I knew that helping people positively was what I wanted to do and I have passion for this as well as a gift of expression, so how could I not do it?

BPM:  Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book, Wisdom & Knowledge Sprinkled With Some Good Game?
(Big Smile on The Face) Ultimately, I would like the readers to gain wisdom and knowledge and a little bit of game extending beyond the superficial world. A world that I believe has many of us chained and bound to all the wrong things. This book contains what is needed to build a solid platform or foundation for life. Now I do NOT believe that this book is your life’s foundation but it does possess the tools to make the assembly or repair of your life’s foundation easier. But even more importantly than anything else, I would like readers to take away whatever is necessary to put their life on a righteous path. Above all, that’s the most important thing to me.

BPM:  What inspired you to write this Self-Help/Transformational themed book?  Does your faith or education inspire your writing?
Wisdom & Knowledge Sprinkled With Some Good Game was inspired by my faith and the people it was meant to serve (which is anyone who can relate). I felt the need was there and that I could genuinely help people as well as my community as a whole. This is also what my “movement” is all about: helping people gain knowledge and enlightenment while providing wisdom that can positively impact the outcome of a person’s life. This is what inspires and motivates me to keep working. I feel in order for change in any circumstance there must not only be a desire to change, but that desire to change should also be met with proper and adequate understanding to maintain that change. As I am a stern critic and adversary of ignorance and moral indecency, I feel obligated to offer a plan of action as well as a solution to those in my community that seek an alternative understanding of the things I speak against.

BPM:  What would you like to accomplish as you continue to write?
The most important thing I would like to accomplish is to provoke serious thinking in those that sincerely need to take a look at how they are living their life. But even more importantly, I want to reach those that want to change, yet find themselves stuck in situations that seems impossible to break free from. This book is a true testimony within its own right, its content and mere development provide proof that nothing is impossible and everyone can restore their life positively.

BPM:  A Legacy is something that is handed down from one period of time to another period of time. Finish this sentence- “My writing offers the following legacy to future readers… ”
A legacy of understanding personal relevance and appreciation of sacrifice is what I hope this book gives people when they read it. These are some of the most important things that need to be highlighted when developing or rebuilding a group of people that have been beaten or traumatized mentally. It’s important to know that you as a citizen or community member play a huge role in progression whether that be building a nation or restoring one, regardless of your financial or material presence. You must also understand that you may not live to see the finished product, as it may take years before positive results show. But whatever negative things might be happening around you, nonetheless you must keep doing your good and know that one day your sacrifice will deliver when the time is right.

BPM:  Share with us your latest news. How may our readers follow you online?
Currently, I am working on “The Story Behind The Wisdom” which is a loosely based autobiography up until this point, which will be a wonderful read that you can actually get a glimpse of when you read the Preface of this book Wisdom & Knowledge Sprinkled With Some Good Game: The Recipe For A Better You. I love the idea of writing in two different genres because it lets me give literary fans two styles of writing, non-fiction self-help/transformational as well as non-fiction narrative, which will give me the opportunity to showcase my story telling abilities. I believe that this will be an exciting project that readers will enjoy and it will touch the hearts of those in reach.

You can follow me on Twitter @kdholbert on Facebook as Kristopher Holbert and Instagram @kdholbert. You may also visit my website www.KHOLBERT.NET and view Upcoming Events, Daily Blogs and a list of services I will provide. In addition to services, I will also be conducting workshops, seminars, life coaching, as well as sociological consulting specializing in urban and prison studies.

Thank you for having me and giving me a platform to discuss my book. I hope it is beyond satisfactory and that you will all enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed preparing it for you. Again, thank you.

Excerpt  Wisdom & Knowledge Sprinkled With Some Good Game

It was an early Saturday in April. I was standing in a ridiculously long line at a department store packed with irate uncivil urban mothers. Women literally climbing over one another while attacking the item they desired, scavenging in hopes of finding the last decent outfit or accessory to go with their child’s Easter Sunday wardrobe. The lines in this place were horrendous but nowhere near as bad as the service or attitudes of the overworked underpaid staff on duty. I stood there zoned out with the best imitation of happiness I could muster up in my situation. You see, once again my life was on its way back to “normal”. If you cared enough to look, one could tell by the fake smile on my face disguising my pain, that this particular “normal” really wasn’t where my life needed to be. You see this day I was reunited with my “son” and his mother and we were out as one big “happy” family trying to re-ignite our long standing on again off again relationship. An awful roller coaster that I should have never gotten on again, but through my insanity I was able to tune out my reality.
A reality in which: “I was in a relationship with a self-centered, materialistic, promiscuous woman, claiming a baby that I knew was not mine. I’d put on a front because I was too embarrassed and ashamed to let the world know that my girlfriend of ten plus years who had two abortions when pregnant by me had got knocked up by some police officer.” The other part of my reality was that I was a morbidly obese 385 pound drug dealer with the self-esteem of zero trying make the world see me differently from what I really saw myself as a “fat black lonely loser”. 

To go along with my self-perception problems, my Mexican constituents had called me the previous night to let me know that my shipment of drugs had crossed the border. Since it was Easter there were no drivers immediately available so in order to keep my lifestyle or façade up to par and “normal” I was going to have to go to the border and once again risk my freedom to make a pickup. My life had a lot of other rough spots at this time: another woman was pregnant with my child, I had just started a new business and everything was all over the place. The reason I remember this day so vividly is not because of any abnormal hysteria or that any of these things were out of the ordinary but because this day was my last day as a free man. At this particular point of my life I was a savage; I was very uncivil, unacknowledged and misguided.
As drama filled and pathetic as it was and sounds this was my life years ago. I was lost trying to touch the ground in what seemed to be a bottomless pit that my shame, fear, and guilt had dug. It took me years to understand and accept the negative cycle my life was in, it also took me to be forced to find the time to change it. The only way a person can be removed from their own self-destruction is if that person “wants” to be removed from that pattern. The only way this will happen is by that person’s willingness to identify and accept that this self-destructive thinking and behavior exists in the first place, and devoting their life to changing it.

At this stage in my life today I’m a happily married husband that loves his wife and life more than anything. I’m in the best shape of my life, and I am honest and happy with myself as a person able to live life free of negative shackles like shame and guilt. The reason for this book is I felt it was necessary to share the wisdom and knowledge that I have accumulated through life. I don’t have a doctorate, I’m not a lawyer, and I probably shouldn’t even have a high school diploma. The one thing I do have experience in and understand better than most is life and how to bounce back from adversity. That is a test that I have passed many times, and these are things that will be articulated throughout this book. One of the most important things to remember when going through life is learning how to deal with adversity.
The purpose of this book is to give people an understanding of that philosophy and the tools to build a solid foundation. I’m not telling you that this book is your foundation, I’m saying it gives those without a deeper understanding of the necessary tools to ethically and righteously build their own. It’s about coming to grips with and loving who you are while helping you find your purpose as a person. I wrote this book for people like me. By people like me I don’t mean young black drug dealers or gangstas with baby mama drama.

This book is for everyone who has ever been or is stuck in ANY negative cycle and wants to understand the logistics of making it out. The person who not only wants to make it out but also wants to understand what goes into making it out by realizing the path that got them there in the first place.

(  Continues…  )

© 2013  All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Kristopher Holbert.  This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the publisher’s written permission. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. Share a link to this page or the author’s website if you really like this promotional excerpt.

About Revelation Before Rehabilitation is a Publishing Company

RB4R is a Movement and Publishing Company that goes beyond just “Raising Awareness” it’s something that is actually active in implementing solutions.

Revelation Before Rehabilitation is a Publishing Company and movement founded by author Kristopher Holbert. Mr. Holbert began working on RB4R when he realized the lack of positive and ethical material being highlighted in not only urban communities, but in many other lower income areas across America as well. He coined the term “Revelation Before Rehabilitation” upon the organization’s creation to raise awareness of the lack of prevention-based life skills programs in America, despite the enormous amounts of money being pumped into rehabilitation programs of all sorts.

With a long family history of brute convicts and drug addicts, Holbert understands the country’s infatuation with rehabilitation. As most Americans know, statistically it is easier to track, allocate, and explain on paper the success and failure rate of a person once they are numbered, categorized, and designated to confinement. It is far more “efficient” than spending money on classes and programs that promote morality and ethics in a free society, which cannot be scrutinized as closely in areas that have high crime rates and low educational scores.

At RB4R we believe that every person is not created equal when it comes to understanding the true moral sense of what it is to be an American without financial or material relevance consuming your life. We believe that when a person is more appreciative of life and made aware of their significance to society, that person is more likely to invest into who they are. Moreover, they will build up (or Rebuild) where they are from when that philosophy is in line with what they stand for. When people have true stock in a community they are less likely to require government assistance or interference. The problem with this vision is this understanding must be gained and taught. The solution is people like you and I (especially those of us who originated in these areas) making contributions of time, finances, and energy to make sure that every person no matter their background has an understanding and sense of value in their personal worth and relevance.

RB4R not only promotes you to appreciate you but also is dedicated to providing the Life Skills and a wealth of wisdom and knowledge to those in need, specializing in everything from literacy material to workshops, coaching and so much more. Please become a part of our movement today and let’s get this lifelong journey moving in the right direction.  To order books and for more information visit:  or

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