Intimate Conversation with Monica Mathis-Stowe

15 Feb
Intimate Conversation with Monica Mathis-Stowe
Monica Mathis-Stowe is a native of Washington, D.C. and lives in Maryland. She decided to become a writer because she wanted to entertain people with her stories. Monica’s novels portray the drama in relationships among families, lovers, friends, and colleagues. She likes to take her readers on a roller-coaster ride of emotions that will make them laugh, cry, gasp, think, and question people and their actions. Her series, Where Did We Go Wrong? is now available where ever books are sold.

Where Did We Go Wrong?  by Monica Mathis-Stowe
True friends help you through the consequences of poor judgment when no one else will.

In this newly released romantic suspense novel, best friends Gabby, Maxine and Joy protect each other at all costs, even if it means keeping secrets that turn their lives upside down.

Gabby has no boundaries when it comes to getting what she wants. She pulls out every trick in the book to keep her daughter’s married father out of their lives but keep his money in her bank account…

Maxine lives for her family but when her husband’s excessive spending lands them in more debt than they can handle, the stress takes a toll on their perfect marriage…

After Joy’s loyalty to her controlling mother causes her to lose the only man she’’s ever loved, she marries a man she barely knows. After her wedding, she quickly realizes she made the biggest mistake of her life and it puts everybody she loves in danger. Unfortunately, someone will have to pay the ultimate price with their life.

Where Did We Go Wrong Again? (Part 2)Forgiveness is the pulse that sustains all friendships.
The one of the most anticipated sequel of the year…Where Did We Go Wrong? left readers asking, “Who got shot?”   Where Did We Go Wrong Again? continues immediately after the shooting. One of the beloved central characters is critically wounded and another is murdered. The bonds of friendship and love are tested after the tragedy causes all involved to make irrational decisions that complicate their lives even more. Nothing will ever be the same as everyone is forced to make monumental, life-altering decisions. Can relationships be salvaged in time to help one other through the consequences of poor judgment?

BPM:  What have you realized about yourself since becoming a published author?
The positive feedback and reviews from readers made me realize that I’m a good storyteller. Readers contact me through my website, Facebook and Twitter to tell me how once they started reading Where Did We Go Wrong? they couldn’t put it down. When my family and friends told me they enjoyed my novel and it was a good read, I always wondered if they were trying to spare my feelings. But when complete strangers and reviewers purchased my book on Amazon and sent emails praising it and posting 5-Star reviews, I couldn’t help but to smile and pat myself on the back because I accomplished what I set out to do. I wrote an entertaining story that held the readers’ interest and left them asking for more.

BPM:  What is your definition of success?
When I think of success, I think of balance. A person who has balance in his or her life is a successful person to me. You can have more money than you’ll ever spend and a closet full of designer clothes, shoes and jewelry, or your dream job/career but if you don’t have balance, then you have nothing. My definition of success is balance in five areas: 1) Spiritual 2) Family 3) Career 4) Finances and 5) Health. Balance in these areas lead to confidence which leads to success.

BPM:  What does your work speak to?
My work speaks to my ability to develop a story line that has a large appeal to a very broad audience.

BPM:   You believe in…
I believe in the “Art of Freedom” Freedom to live, laugh, enjoy the beauty of life….. A freedom that allows me to escape into a work of make belief where I can create and reach my highest zenith of realism.

BPM:   You are humbled by…
I am humbled by the amount of people who have read and commented on my work. You can’t help but to feel humble when you read a review from someone in a country you’ve never visited.

BPM:   Faith allows you to…
Faith allows me to put everything in God’s hands knowing that He can handle it all. It is a comfortable, serene feeling that allows me to rest in knowing that with Him, all is well.

BPM:    Criticism makes you
Criticism makes me look inward, re-assess, re-group, take a second look to see what needs to be changed in the way I see, think and act. It’s a reality check.

BPM:   A talent mind is…
A talented mind belongs to a person who has been enriched, cultivated and nourished by the diversity in the world they live in. An individual with a talented mind is not afraid to share their knowledge with others and embraces each person’s uniqueness.

BPM:   When you are afraid you will
When I’m afraid, I become impulsive and act without thinking, which often causes me to make mistakes and wrong decisions.

BPM:   Your fondest childhood/college memory
My favorite childhood memory is family reunions in my mother’s hometown, Magnolia, NC. There was much gaiety as family members from far and near joined to together to share family stories, feast on foods fresh from the garden, play games, laugh, talk, hug, and show much love to each other.

BPM:    What you learned from your readers
I have learned that my readers are passionate about my writing, and highly opinionated about it. They become involved with the characters and feel free to express their thoughts with me. They are loyal and faithful and I am forever grateful for them.

BPM:    The greatest threat to literary freedom
The greatest threat to literary freedom is not being able to speak freely because of the possibility of censorship.

BPM:    Do you view your writing as a talent or a career
I view my writing as a talent that can lead to a career.

BPM:    What you know for sure
I know for sure that I am going to continue writing while at the same time keeping my family balanced. While writing is a passion, my greatest love, next to God, is my family. I will not jeopardize their happiness. They mean the world to me.

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Literature & Fiction, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Contemporary Fiction
Topics Discused: Relationships fo professional African-American women, domestic abuse, and suicide

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