Intimate Conversation with Sherryle Kiser Jackson

15 Feb
Intimate Conversation with Sherryle Kiser Jackson
Multi-published author, dynamic speaker, teacher, wife and mother, Sherryle Kiser Jackson hails from Prince Georges County Maryland. Trained at Salisbury State University, she’s a teacher by profession, but a writer by pure passion. Dubbed as a relationship weaver that is like the Terri McMillian of Christian Fiction, her writing style reflects an honest commentary on her life with Christ. She strives to be a fresh voice in Christian Fiction.
Her triumphant debut novel, Soon and Very Soon (2007) was followed up by her sophomore release, The Manual (2009). Her highly anticipated follow up to SAVS titled, Soon After(2010) and Taylor Made (2011) rounds out her bookshelf. Sherryle has plans and story lines to keep her busy for the next two decades. Her fifth novel, The Land of Promiscuity released in 2012, and she hosted Write Away weekend, an intensive writer’s residency the first weekend in October, 2012.

Land of Promiscuity by Sherryle Kiser Jackson – The Land of Promiscuity, a story about indiscretions, broken promises and a crazy twist of unrequited love.  Her biggest sin was her squandered promise.

Death of her mother and town martyr, Madame Ava Lucas brings Rebecca Lucas back to a land she would rather forget where she reunites with the only one man who has dared to love her as a true friend. Fifteen years later, that man, William Donovan is now the assistant Pastor of Grace Apostle Methodist Church adjacent to her family’s home estate. He’s devoted to helping Rebecca heal old wounds and rediscover her passion when she returns home. What they do not expect is in settling her mother’s estate that they would unearth a generational curse that threatens to dismantle their carefully built love affair.

The Land of Promiscuity deals with generational curses and forgiveness.  It’s a crazy twist of unrequited love that will leave you wondering whether there are circumstances that make it impossible for even love to survive.

Listen to a reading from Land of Promiscuity by Sherryle Kiser Jackson

BPM: What topics does your latest book address? Why?
Land of Promiscuity is about indiscretions, broken promises and a crazy twist of unrequited love.I wanted to write a book about squandered promise. The Land of Promiscuity is a literal title but also a play on words. You hear the word promise very clearly, almost like a root word, when you pronounce promiscuity.

If you take out the sexual connotation, promiscuous means careless, casual or haphazard. I believe a good many of us are too casual about our passion, promise and potential.

BPM: You believe in:
I believe if you’re not pressing toward your promise, then you’re headed toward promiscuity.

BPM: Three artists on your playlist:  

Maxwell, Marvin Sapp & Miles Davis. I love neo-soul, classic soul jams and gospel because they are all soul stirring. I also like instrumental jazz and Latin music because you can tell your own stories to the melodies.

BPM: The greatest threat to literary freedom are: 
Copy cat writers who take the latest trend whether, street lit, christian or erotica and try to write to a formula rather than write from the heart. It perpetuates the notion that we are not diverse and we all read the same thing.

BPM: How has your writing evolved:
I now know that I don’t have to hammer my message. Even God doesn’t hammer us with His word but allows experiences to sculpt and change us. I’m more subtle now. I layer my novels and trust the reader will find the themes.

BPM: The first thing you do when a book is released:
I buy a copy from the local bookstore, online retailer or book club and read it from cover to cover. This year I plan to go past bookstores with a gift for the sales associates there. They are the first advocates of your book to undecided readers.

BPM: Do you view writing as a gift or a career:
Writing is an extension of my faith. I am gifted as a wordsmith, so upon profession of my faith, I vowed to make my faith my profession. Although  I am a teacher by profession, I am a writer by pure passion.

BPM: Your greatest accomplishment as a writer: 
I write for my church magazine, Kingdom Living. I was proudest as a writer when I gave voice to the exceptional people of my congregation like my son labeled as Special Needs.

BPM: If this world were mine: 
If this world were mine more African American writers would have more opportunities to exploit their copyright in various mediums so we won’t be seen as one note artist and market successfully across color lines.

BPM: Will the printed book ever become obsolete:
I don’t think so unless paper becomes scarce or the price of printing and binding becomes expensive for the average American. Reading is a sensual experience, not just with the emotions the words on the page evoke, but the actual feel, and even the smell of a book that readers new and old still crave.

BPM: What legacy do you wish to leave:
I want to leave a legacy of writing contemporary embedded with truths from a timeless Word of God.

Land of Promiscuity available in stores and online.
Promise, Promiscuity, where do you fall?

ISBN-10: 160162736X
ISBN-13: 978-1601627360
Available in audio book too!

Purchase Land of Promiscuity  by  Sherryle Kiser Jackson

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