POEM: Stop the Violence by Carlet Horne

16 Feb
Stop the Violence by Carlet Horne

On December 14, 2012, our nation experienced a horrific tragedy.
Twenty children lost their lives. It didn’t have to be.
A gunman entered Sandy Hook Elementary and opened fire
The “What, When or Reasons” of which we none know why.

Now, people are sitting back, Speculating, Placing much blame.
When the truth of the matter is without Adam Lanza’s explanation,
We will never know what pushed his buttons.
So, the truth will forever with him remain

Everyone wants to blame the problem on guns.
I’m sorry to inform you that guns make up only one part.
They don’t have the ability walk up and kill anyone.
They have no arms or legs, and they’re just not that smart.

For, it takes a person to design and produce the guns.
Then, others to market and sell them; Free they don’t come.
And…now the guns are in the hands of a woman or a man
To be used for the purpose of good or evil in the land.

The shootings on that day were absolutely senseless.
Surely, there had to be another way.
Another way for that young man’s problems to have been solved.
It’s time for this nation to come together and pray.

It’s time for us as a nation to assess the reasons why.
Why did so many young children have to die?
Why were their lives needlessly sacrificed?
For someone’s right to bear arms, they paid the ultimate price!

It’s time for us as a nation to take more responsibility.
Time for us to face the facts. This is how we’ve allowed things to be.
Time for us to decide that things can’t stay as they are.
It’s time to take our children back…Our future doctors, lawyers, presidents and superstars.

It’s time to Stop the Violence.
This rampage must come to an end.
If the children are our future, then this world is their oyster. They are the pearls inside.
We must fill their lives with love and hope until within their hearts and minds they reside.

Copyright © 2012 Carlet Horne


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