The Deep Confessions of Faithful Men

16 Feb
The Deep Confessions of Faithful Men
by Rick and Chris Strickland

“A man does not come to know what type of woman he needs until he comes to know what type of man he is”

Inspired by two of the biggest issues we face in America: marriage and infidelity. What if you could really know the deep down secrets that men keep buried inside that only God, themselves and a few close friends know about? What would you do if you found out that the man you are married to or even dating is not the person you thought he was? In this book we are giving ladies the opportunity of a life time to join the boys club and have exclusive rights to listen to men openly express themselves like never before in history. What you will learn can change your life and could be the key to building long lasting relationships.

Learn the destructive effects of sin which we know is very attractive, and it promises to gratify the desires of the flesh, but the damages last a lot longer than any stolen moment of pleasure. What can women do to turn the course of nature from this destructive path? They can learn not only to think like a man, but to be the kind of lady that men cherish in long term relationships.

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Book Review for The Deep Confessions of Faithful Men

“First of all, I will definitely recommend this book to others and I also see it as a book that I would read again. As I first read the title, I thought another book about relationships. However, the authors added another spin to the book that is not shared with many other relationship books. This book just didn’t discuss how men are but why they are the way they are from a biblical perspective and took it back to Adam and Eve. Dotting on how men from day 1 blamed others in lieu of accepting responsibility and how they are not encouraged to express themselves.

There were points that I believe woman have heard many times, such as the weight gain issue of women and how it can impact their marriage; women basically letting themselves go by not maintaining their hair, health and overall body; and holding out on sex due to various reason. But, what I really like was that the authors indicated, while they recommend women not hold out and maintains their overall body that does not guarantee a man still will not cheat. What it does is help men daily with their struggle to cheat since men are very visual and it’s important that their woman remain visually stimulating to them.

There were also several points that I had not heard or that I don’t think women hear often and were worth reiterating, such as how often mean think about sex; men need sex to take the pressure off of himself from being stimulated in the moments of the day; men are very visual; women can keep themselves looking their best and men may still cheat; women leave too much communication in place when they are supposedly through with a man (email, phone); why sex is really so important to men; men need to be allowed to express themselves; and what men really mean by a submissive women. If anyone is looking to gain a better understanding of any of these from a men’s perspective, I highly recommend they read the book.

As a married woman, the book made me think about many things but my most important take way is to allow and encourage my husband to express himself and be willing to accept his true confessions and work with him and not against him by starting an argument. I am looking forward to reading the book again. In addition, the book is an easy read, short and to the point.”

Excerpt from The Deep Confessions of Faithful Men

Why write another book about male/female relationships?  Why regurgitate the same relationship myths and assumptions?  Why do we need another one? This book is for those who want to add structure back to their families, to make relationships stronger, to make marriages affair proof, and to provide a roadmap for change in the lives of our children.  We believe the way to accomplish these changes is through the hearts of men.

Since the beginning of time, men believed actions spoke louder than words. We are known to be action oriented individuals. We are protectors and providers. If there is a problem we try and fix it. If our family is in danger, we protect them.  It is what we’ve been taught from our youth. We are taught to become a pro: a protector and a provider. We were never really allowed to express how we felt about certain things. When we were kids playing a sport, if we got hurt we had to tough it out. Crying was not an option. We may have stepped out for a play or two, but we had to get right back in the game. We learned from a young age not to express our true feelings about things.
As a result of this we stand in the position that we do today: though we are physically the stronger of the human creation, we are still unable to express our most intimate feelings. This is a real challenge to our manhood. It’s not so much that we are unable to express our feelings. It’s more that we are not “allowed” to express them. All of our life it has been prohibited. Part of it is due to our protective instincts as men.

We don’t want to emotionally hurt the person that we are dealing with so we withhold the truth.  The other part of it is our upbringing. We just simply have not been raised to express intimacy or our true feelings. These true feelings are what make up the deep confessions of faithful men. It’s how we really and truly want to respond to things, but haven’t been at liberty to do so.

We believe that if we can uncover the layers of true confessions buried deep within men, our families will turn around. Our children will respect their elders once again. Our little girls will know the true worth of their bodies and not throw them away in an attempt to gain attention. Our young men will learn to respect themselves and others. Our marriages will be rooted in love and bounded by a spiritual truth that is blessed by God. The only way to begin the process of rebuilding families is to uncover the deeply rooted confessions of men. These confessions are only known to a few: God, himself, and his closest friend.

One must ask why it is or how is it that these confessions have laid dormant within the hearts of men for all these years? The answer is simple: all for the sake of trying to find a sense of peace. We bottle up a lot of things inside of us for the sake of peace. Now here is a way to begin to release all of the stress, all of the pain, all of the suffering that we’ve held onto for years. We want to give men the opportunity to be open and honest without being judged by the women in our lives. We want men to finally have the opportunity to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We want to give women an understanding of what men are faced with on a day to day basis. It does not matter what religious organization a man belongs to, he is still faced with the same challenges as any other man. Once you peel back all the layers of religion and race only one thing remains; a man.

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About the Authors
Ricky D. Strickland was born in Memphis, Tennessee on June 6, 1967 but grew up in Columbus, Ohio.  His Family includes four brothers and two sisters.  He is married to Andrea Strickland and has three children. Rick served in the military from March 18, 1987 to June 30, 2012.  In January of 1998, he reported onboard Naval Station Bremerton where he distinguished himself as a top performer in his profession.  As the combined bachelor housing’s front desk supervisor and command drug and alcohol advisor, He took on several command and community tasks as follows: West Hill tutoring program, Petty Officer Indoctrination Team, Junior Sailor of the Quarter Chairperson, Seattle’s Feeding program on weekends and Drug Education for youth (DEFY). He was selected Sailor of the Quarter 1999 and Sailor of the Year, 1999.

Chris Strickland was born in 1971 in the Columbus Ohio.  His Family includes four brothers and two sisters. He received his high school diploma from Northland High School.  Chris majored and graduated Cum Laude in Computer Engineering at Wilberforce University, the oldest historically black university in the USA. He is married with two beautiful daughters, 20 and 11.

Upon graduation, Chris began his career as a System Administrator in the automotive industry at EDS, a subsidiary of General Motors, in Pontiac Michigan.   After several successful years at EDS, Chris decided to return home to Columbus and began his career as a Network Technician with the State of Ohio.  It was in Columbus where Chris began digging deeper into the Word of God and getting the truth on family and relationships. His passion for helping others began to increase rapidly. Chris currently leads bible studies and spends most of his time teaching his children about the ways of God.

Twitter: @DeepConfession1
Facebook: The-Deep-Confessions-of-Faithful-Men

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