Order of the Seers by Cerece Rennie Murphy

23 Feb
Order of the Seers
by Cerece Rennie Murphy

Order of the Seers poses this question within a story that fuses action, mystery, romance, and adventure in a science fiction novel that keeps you at the edge of your seat.

Part one of the thrilling Order of the Seers trilogy will take you on a journey that fuses action, mystery, romance and adventure in a science fiction novel that keeps you at the edge of your seat.  The story begins with the journey of Liam and Lilith Knight, a brother and sister who are hunted by The Guild, a ruthless world organization that seeks to capture and exploit Lilith’s unique ability as a Seer to envision the future.  Soon after they are forced to leave their home, Lilith and Liam discover that she is not alone. 

Other Seers like Lilith are routinely kidnapped and enslaved by the Guild for the purpose of consolidating wealth and power around the world.  But from within the organization, Marcus Akida, a captured Seer with powerful visioning capabilities, quietly plots his escape and revenge against the Guild with the help of three other Seers and a group of outlaws whose commune in Iowa provides a refuge for them.  When Liam, Lilith and the escaped Seers meet at the commune, they combine their resources and skills to begin rebuilding their lives.

As the escaped Seers recover from the drugs used by the Guild to control them, they learn that their visioning abilities have expanded beyond their former capacity.  Knowing the Guild will continue to pursue them, Marcus, Lilith and the others devise a plan to prevent the Guild from acquiring a pair of Seers whose powers will threaten their own safety.  In the process of executing their plan, they encounter new Seers who are mysteriously drawn to the commune and their cause by an unknown hand. 

In the midst of the Seers’ fight for survival, Liam and Alessandra, one of the Seers who escaped from the Guild with Marcus, struggle to find a way to share their love within the uncertainty and danger of their circumstances.  The book climaxes with a final battle as the escaped Seers return to the Guild’s US headquarters in Chicago and mount an attack and rescue mission that ends with heartbreaking sacrifices and shocking revelations.

Throughout the course of the series, Order of the Seers explores the strength of familial ties, the conflict between personal freedoms and the greater good, the limits of human potential and our connection to a higher power as the key to reclaiming the gifts that lie dormant in every human.  Books II and III of the Order of the Seers series will also examine the corrupting nature of power, how to cultivate individual potential in a world that is dependent on hierarchy and the true meaning of leadership. Part II of the series, Order of the Seers: The Red Order, is currently under development.    See the Power Within!

Order of the Seers Book Reviews

“With masterful storytelling and a brilliant plot that holds you in suspense from page-to-page, Order Of The Seers, is a well-written, gripping tale.”
Trice Hickman, Bestselling Author of, Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

“Order of the Seers is an interesting take to just what our world might be like with people who could see the future, complete with action, romance and thrills that will appeal to science fiction fans of supernatural powers. I look forward to reading the sequel to see what happens next.”
– S.J. Wist, Author of The Dragon Aster Trilogy

Excerpt Chapter 4: Run

As they cleared the restaurant doorway, Liam took in their familiar surroundings, looking for an escape route. Every corner of Chinatown was dense with colors, people, hot food carts, vendors, and a million other things he’d barely registered when he entered the restaurant twenty minutes ago. Liam and Lilli had come all this way, 4,458 miles total, and the Guild had finally found them. The two men who had come to destroy what was left of the Knight family were less than fifteen feet away.

In his peripheral vision, Liam could see the excitement growing on Jason’s face as he and Miguel remained locked in their stare, assessing each other as prey and hunter. Miguel knew enough not to underestimate Liam. Without any real experience, this young man had managed to elude or kill everyone they had sent to find them. In the course of his pursuit, Miguel had learned that Liam had become an exceptional marksman, with advanced training in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat. Liam looked at Miguel with all the bravado of a young man ready to be tested and determined not to lose. If Miguel didn’t know his own strengths, he might have been intimidated, but the emotion just wasn’t in him. Liam was a boy; Miguel was a killer. In Miguel’s mind, there was no comparison.

Feeling confident, Miguel finally broke Liam’s gaze to assess the girl holding his hand. He noted with appreciation that Lilli had grown-up significantly from the pig-tailed photos he and Jason were able to piece together. Though her body had remained small and somewhat boyish for a girl of fifteen years, she had lost most of the plumpness in her cheeks. Her features had become sharper, but still lovely. Her hazel eyes were lighter than the pictures told. Wider, he thought, and hardened from a combination of time and loss. The dye that covered her long, naturally dirty blonde hair in shades of hot pink and pale yellow, along with the multiple rings and cuffs she sported on her hands and wrists suited her, he thought, in a punk-rock kind of way. Though he assumed she was afraid, he noted with curiosity that she was not holding her brother’s hand as tightly as he would have expected and that disturbed him. She’s only fifteen. Can she see the outcome? He wondered as he took in the lack of tension in her face. She feels safe, even now.

What they didn’t know was that she hadn’t seen them coming, couldn’t see a damn thing beyond her brother out of the corner of her eye. But she didn’t need to see more than him to know that this was the safest place that she could be. Whatever happened to them now, they would be together. They would either escape and survive, or fight and die. She would not be taken away from the only family she had left.  Liam’s grip was light and gentle as their fingers intertwined. They had practiced this. As soon as his pinky moved down the inside of her own, she knew what that meant. Run, Lilli. Run left.

“Now!” Liam shouted as he cinched Lilli’s hand tightly and sprinted left into the crowd. As they ran into the opening that Liam had been looking for, he could feel Lilli already beginning to lag behind. Though her heart and mind were willing, trying to keep up with him, her feet were slow, her legs incapable of matching his speed. As they cut right into the farmer’s market, Liam risked a glance behind him.  He could feel panic spreading through his chest as he realized that if they kept their current pace, they would be caught within seconds.

( Continued… )

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© 2012 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Cerece Rennie Murphy.  This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the publisher’s written permission. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. Share a link to this page or the author’s website if you really like this promotional excerpt.

Order of the Seers by Cerece Rennie Murphy
Genre: Fiction; Science Fiction
ISBN: 978-0985621001
Purchase from Amazon:


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