Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmetic By Rachel Smith

03 May
Reading, Writing, and ‘Rithmetic
By Rachel Smith
I am sitting here in a state of shock watching a news flash about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut while my own eight year old son sits in his third grade class only five miles from our house.  Although I feel the in-suppressible need to go be with him my lack of adequate transportation removes this option from the equation. 
So instead I sat and prayed:
Lord,  Please surround Jordan, his classmates, and teachers with the kind of safety that they can only get from you.  Also bless and surround the parents, family, and faculty of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary with your unwavering love and compassion.  Please also bless the family of the shooter.
I pray this is Jesus’ name. Amen
As I am writing this Jordan walks into the door and I give him an extra big hug from me and for the families who will not get the chance to hug their children again.
Meet the Author
Rachel L. Smith is a forty-nine year old single mother of an nine year old son. They live in North Carolina. She enjoys both reading and writing poetry. Her poems have been published in Nomad’s Choir and Spotlight on Recovery. She also has an article titled To My Sister’s In Christ appearing in the next issue of Spotlight on Recovery. Rachel also has a blog, about bullying, that you can read at:

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