Jewell R. Powell Naked & Unashamed Marriage Tips

04 May
Naked & Unashamed Monthly Marriage Tips
Written by Jewell R. Powell

“I went to a psychiatrist. He explained things about my love life that I found very impressive, almost scary. He said I had a problem with closeness and intimacy… that I was afraid of letting myself completely fall in love with someone and of being hurt.”  – Author Unknown

Having a sexually satisfying relationship is one of the most important components of a healthy marriage relationship. Sex and intimacy must be a topic that couples have to become comfortable discussing
on a regular basis. Why? Because a person’s desire can change.  
It is astonishing that many couples are uncomfortable talking about sexual desires and needs in their relationship and, because of that discomfort, go unfulfilled for many years, even after being married for a decade or more.
Sex should be a topic you begin discussing at the onset of your marriage. Couples should be able to agree upon the frequency of sex in marriage and also agree upon views of what sexual intimacy is or is not. The marriage bed should a place where the two of you can explore intimacy unrehearsed and without pressure. It should be a place where you are allowed to make mistakes until you fine-tune what you both define as enjoyable and fulfilling. 
Take the time during sex and intimacy to share with your spouse what you want, like, and dislike. This form of communication builds trust, honesty and intimacy in your relationship. Building intimacy is doing anything that brings a couple closer to one another-to a place where they feel connected to each other-whether watching a football game in silence or going to dinner and talking about everything. 
Although this may seem obvious to most (but I am not going to take it for granted), the discussion of sex and intimacy should only be shared between you and your spouse. If the two of you find yourselves unable to navigate your way through concerns dealing with sexual intimacy in your marriage, it is important to immediately seek outside guidance to help you to protect this essential and sacred aspect of your marital relationship.
“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”  – Genesis 2:24-25
Your New Marriage Challenge  
Carve out a private time with your spouse to discuss sex and intimacy in your marriage. While going out to a public restaurant may not be ideal for this discussion, a nice, quiet dinner at home or cuddling up on the couch are both great scenarios to get into this intimate topic. Start the discussion by praying together, asking God to help you to truly understand what intimacy means and for him to show you ways to increase intimacy between the two of you, so you can each be fulfilled as you enjoy this part of your relationship. Then, openly share with each other your fears, concerns, and desires, being careful to listen to what the other is saying. End the conversation by praying again, which will enhance your unity and intimacy even more and make a commitment to each other to continue to pray God would draw you closer together.
Learn more tips for improving communication, strengthening your relationship and achieving a Godly marriage at   © 2013 by Jewell R. Powell, Marriage Coach and Author of Marriage 101: Building a Life Together by Faith
About the Author
Jewell R. Powell, affectionately known as The Marriage Coach is an inspirational teacher/speaker and bestselling author. Jewell has made it her mission to help married couples, especially those who are having trouble in their marriages. She believes that,with effort and God’s grace, all can have a ‘happily ever after’marriage when you live by faith.  Learn more tips for improving communication, strengthening your relationship and achieving a Godly marriage at:  Follow on Twitter:
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Marriage coach Jewell R. Powell believed she married her Prince Charming. However, soon thereafter, she realized that marriage was not a fairy tale. But despite a shaky beginning, the Powells successfully worked together to resolve their problems and today celebrate a strong marriage. Their problems began almost immediately as they faced infertility and issues of faith, which eventually led to separate bedrooms. Jewell knew the next step was divorce, but she wasn’t about to give up on the hope of finding her own fairy-tale ending with Lewis.
With her new book, Marriage 101: Building a Life Together by Faith, Powell helps struggling couples find their “happily ever afters” and equips them with the tools necessary for their own fairy-tale stories.
In Marriage 101, Powell walks couples through an eight-part, in-depth game plan for building the frame-work of a lasting and loving marriage. The book includes chapter-end exercises designed to prompt reflection for individual or couples study. Reflection sections encourage readers to journal their thoughts to help each partner discover what the other needs, and how to get it from the relationship.


Photo: Author Jewell Powell &Her Husband Lewis


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