Intimate Conversation with Author Honey

15 Sep
Intimate Conversation with Honey
Honey the author is a native of Macon, Georgia. She currently resides in McDonough, Georgia with her husband and son. Honey graduated from Fort Valley State University with a bachelor’s degree in education and worked as a social worker for the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services for many years. Honey has been writing stories since childhood, but didn’t pursue her dream to become an author until after retirement. Her first novel Deranged Love  is now available.

BPM: What are you doing to celebrate the release of your new book?
Honey: Initially, I’ll be attending the fabulous Chocolate Social in Atlanta. August 1st, the date of the event, happens to coincide with the release date of my debut novel Deranged Love. It is my first project with G Street Chronicles. I think it’s the perfect opportunity to be in the midst of African American literary heavyweights mixing it up, talking about my book, future projects and other literary events. Some of my family and friends will be in attendance which will make it extra special. There are other signings and other marketing opportunities for Deranged Love being planned for the near future.

BPM: Introduce us to your latest book and the main characters. What makes this one special? Do you have any favorites?
Honey: The title of my book is Deranged Love. The King siblings, Zach and Jay King, are my main characters. They are a pair of educated, successful African American siblings who were raised with very close family ties in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia. Zach and Jay suddenly find themselves in a love triangle. I know it sounds like a story that has been told thousands of times before. Well, it’s NOT. Zach is Jay’s older brother. Yes, he falls in love with his little sister’s Jamaican lover named Jill and then the drama begins. And when I say drama, I mean drama at it’s highest degree and in the most unbelievable series of events. My book is a sure fire hit because the plot will catch readers off guard. Sisters have fought over a sexy man, and brothers will throw down of a fine woman. But a brother and sister rivalry at an extreme level over the same woman is a sucker punch!

BPM: How does your books relate to your present or past situations, education, spiritual practice or other life path?
Honey: There are so many elements in my novel Deranged Love that were heavily influenced by events, traditions and values that are all a part of my life. Family ties and sibling rivalry as well as sibling bonding were all taken from experiences in my life or in the lives of people close to me. I can definitely relate to the deep spiritual roots of the family’s matriarch and her love for church and gospel. I’m a church girl inside and out. But like my main characters, I have my worldly side. We’ve all been betrayed at some point in life by someone close to us, so I can definitely relate to that, and so will my readers. Education was and still is a very important part of my life. This book is relatable to me and fans of urban fiction who enjoy a heavy dose of spice.

BPM: What can we expect to see/read from you during the next stage of your career?
Honey: Readers can expect Deranged Love 2 with Zach and Jay taking the dramatic family saga to the next level. I want to expand my readership by making myself available to fans of my craft. I want to give readers the type of stories that pull them in and have them begging for more. A new series is on the horizon as well. It’ll be another inner-city family with their own set of issues. Honey plans to stay true to herself with her style of urban fiction fused with romance, sprinkled with a tad bit of eroticism. I don’t want to be squeezed into a particular box. I’d rather write stories that can cross genres and subgenres in African American literature.

BPM: How do you feel about ebooks vs. print books?
Honey: Books will always be my true love, but there are fans who prefer ebooks. The supply in every industry should always be dictated by the demand. It’s as simple as that. Facebook: 

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