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Give the Gift of Knowledge Campaign!

Hello Readers!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the EDC Creations book review team! I would love to add you on the roster as a reviewer. We do not pay our reviewers cash, but we will keep your reading supply up with new releases and will give Amazon Gift Certificates for the reviewers with the most printed reviews per month.  I don’t require any  contracts and you can start and stop at your leisure. However, if we don’t get written reviews back within a reasonable time, we will ask why.  This page is merely a  overview and introduction to the EDC Blog Tours.  If you join the team you will receive a packet with complete details and how-to-guides.
This community campaign is about unity, expanding our reading selections and just having fun! The only thing we want from you is to tell at least 10 people about a great book and a written review. You do not have to be a professional writer, just become a reader who wants to express their appreciation for books!
Reviewing Printed Material
Before becoming a reviewer I need to know these things. You can send your answers to the following email address:  We use this information to add you to our database.  We categorize each blog tour host and reviewer, so that we can always send them the books or genres they prefer.
1. Full name, photo, email address, home mailing address and a cellphone number.
2. Favorite genre to read; least favorite genre; will you read ebooks and mass markets?
3. Do you have a Amazon account? Are you willing to provide written reviews?
4. How often, per month, will you be willing to participate?
5. Will you host authors on your blog, website, radio show or social network?
6. Your website or blog address; brief 50 word bio, written in 3rd person, to give you credit for the reviews.
Stay Connected
Please go to the reviewer news site today and sign up for the mobile bookclub, so that we can notify you when new reviewer contests start. We will also notify you of exclusive author interviews and literary games. You will have a chance to enter drawings for great books and gift bags. Sign up here: .  Each week we will send out newsletters with the author’s material,  if you like it…post it!  Email Ella Curry with the links to your posts.  Your posts will be added to the blog tours. 
EDC Blog Tour Procedures
We will send you books to review monthly. All that we ask is for you to submit the written reviews and answer our 5 questions in relation to the featured books. After approval of your written review, we ask that you post the reviews to our blog and/or Amazon. Once we mail you the books, we would like a review back within 15 days. If you will email me your home address, we will start sending you books and galleys. The questions for the reviews will be sent to you via email. You will receive an entire review packet once you agree to come on board as an official EDC Creations Reviewer.  Here is an online source to get you started on the EDC Book Tours, go here.
Sharing the Reviews
As a EDC Creations Reviewer, we would love to have you come on the BAN Radio Show and the conference calls to tell us about your book and any good books that you have read.  Our goal is to always introduce our readers to the next great read. Authors, you are welcome to become reviewers too! Tell your network about the books, as well as direct others to where they can buy the book. EDC Creations has a bookstore and most books will be carried for the readers. The Black Pearls Reading Room will also host most of the books.
Digital Book Reviewers
Book-clubs and readers groups, if your book-club members would agree, we would like to add them on as our ebook reviewers and audio book-club. They would read the books on the Nook, Kindle or over the PC as an ebook,  then prepare their honest comments about the book. We ask that the digital reviewers answer 5 questions about the book on our Black Pearls blog. We will host weekly live readings from books, the digital reviewers would listen to the call, then blog about it the next day on the Black Pearls Blogs. Free books will be given away quarterly to the digital reviewers based on their contributions. We need the following information:
1. Full name, photo, email address, home mailing address and a cellphone number.
2. Favorite genre to read; least favorite genre; will you read ebooks and mass markets?
3. Do you have a Amazon account? Are you willing to provide written reviews?
4. Will you host authors on your blog, website, radio show or social network?
Readers, in order to join the online book tour visit the featured authors media room and take their promotional material back to your network. Once you have posted the material, email Ella Curry with your list of links. The host with the most comments or postings will receive the featured grand prize for the book tour. The five (5) runner-ups will receive a gift book from a featured author.
Join the online book tour by selecting one or more activities:
• Hosting a Skype phone session with the author and 20+ of your friends
• Hosting a TweetChat with the author and 20+ of your friends
• Hosting a TinyChat video meeting with the author and your friends
• Reposting their book excerpts and interviews on your FaceBook Notes
• Reposting their book news on your daily updates on social media websites
Please email Ella Curry your blog or website address, valid email address and your home mailing address.  ALL participants will receive a book gift from EDC Creations and our publishing partners!  We appreciate each of you for helping us support the authors and uplifting the craft of writing!  Email Ella at:
How to Participate in the Online Book Tour – listed below are a few suggestions on posting the material for your friends and network to enjoy!
1. Select the authors you are supporting. Visit their media rooms and read the material. Use this hashtag in ALL postings [ #edcbooktours ] on ALL social networks. Think about what your readers would like to see.
2. Repost links to their media room in your status updates on social media sites.
3. Take material from the media room and post on your blogs, websites or FaceBook Notes. Leave all links and disclaimers in place! Do not alter the text or links in any way.
4. Tell your network about the authors and the books. Consider selecting the featured books as your next Book of the Month. Post all future book reviews online. Share the links with Ella Curry.
5. Post the featured books on your Facebook profile for 3 days. Post your review of the book on FB, Twitter, Black Expressions and Amazon or other online retailers.
6. Once you finish posting, send Ella Curry a complete list of the posts you created and the sites you used. EDC Creations will track your posts. We will notify all winners via email and post the winners to the front of Black Pearls Magazine: 

You can send your answers to the following email address:

Feel free to share this post with as many avid readers as you can.
We need people to host our blog tours, review our books and to join in the Give the Gift of Knowledge Campaign!

Warmest regards,

Ella Curry, President of EDC Creations Media
 Black Authors Network Radio-Founder
Black Pearls Magazine -Founder

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