Intimate Conversation with Poet Timothy Tobias Sanders

19 Sep
The Works Volume 1 & 2: Book of Poetry 
by Tim Sanders

In The Works Volume 1 & 2, author Tim Sanders talks about love, friendship, heartache, and the gritty realities of life. He makes use of free verse in poetic narratives that contain almost the same lilting tone as those with rhyme. His poetry flows with his words, allowing readers to experience the emotions that are interwoven in each piece. At times rambling but in an earnest and candid way, The Works Volume 1 & 2 not only reveals the author’s raw thoughts but also his views and insights on love, life and everything in between.

Timothy Tobias Sanders
is the youngest of five children and grew up in Atlanta, GA with his father, mother, two older brothers, and two older sisters. Timothy attended Florida A&M and has made his career in the area of catering and hospitality. Timothy has always been a lover of poetry and has been inspired to write since his years as a teenager. Timothy continues to be inspired by the events of his life as well as local, national, and global events that have affected him or those around him in some way. Timothy currently calls Smyrna, GA his home and is the father of three beautiful children. Timothy can be reached at:

Intimate Conversation with Timothy Tobias Sanders

BPM:  Were there any incidents in your life that made you want to write?
I started writing in high school, it was a way I could escape. High school was a hard time in my life, so writing allowed me to fantasize about what my life could be.

BPM:  Can you describe when you first realized that your writing was something you absolutely had to publish? 
I was living in Sedona, AZ and this is when I found people who did what they were passionate about without the the fear of failure and whether or not they were going to get paid for it. But they knew that following their dreams that they will be taken care of so here is when I begin to write to be published, and here was the first time my poetry was heard.

BPM:   Please introduce us to your current book. What topics are discussed in this book? 
My current book The Works Volume 1 & 2, is just that. The works means you get a little bit of everything that was on my mind at the time.  I discuss love on different levels.  In Talk to Me I talk about having a busy life and not letting that life stop us from loving.  In Fragile it’s about honoring the relationship. Show Me the Road is about suicide.  Trendy is about social issues and Don’t Give Up is about keeping your dreams alive.

BPM:  What does being creative means to you? 
Being creative to means being able to express yourself in a way that it gets your point across as well as open the minds of someone to explore their creativity.

BPM:  Do you have a writing group or community of writers you work with?
No.  Not because I wouldn’t like to belong to a group, but working takes a lot of my time.

BPM:  What author or poet has the most influence on your writing? Please talk about that  influence and how it shape your writing now? 
The author I’m most influenced by is not a poet,he’s James Redfield. While in Sedona I read Celestine Prophecy this book open a channel in my mind that I didn’t know I had. After reading this book my poetry writing began to take on a more in touch feel, as if I was writing to someone.

BPM:  What legacy do you wish to leave future generations or readers?
The legacy I wish to leave future readers is that you don’t have to be famous to have something to say,and that by saying it the very thing you wanted to cause attention to gets the light shed on it that you were looking for.

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Purchase The Works Volume 1 & 2  here:–2.aspx

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