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19 Sep
Deranged Love by Honey

Blood isn’t always thicker than water, especially in matters concerning love, lust and passion. Family ties no longer bind the once close King siblings, Zach and Jay. Their desire for the same woman transforms them from loving brother and sister to bitter arch rivals. Jamaican beauty Jillian Bessette is Jay’s lover, but Zach’s uncontrollable yearning to have her over powers him; causing him to commit the ultimate act of betrayal against his flesh and blood. For his sin Jay orders a hit on her brother, but her plan for revenge backfires, and she is exposed. Her only way to avoid justice is to flee. 

In exile Jay’s hatred and resentment for Zach and Jill consumes her every waking moment. While she longs for the day of vengeance against them, they bask in the beauty of love and happiness. Zach and Jill’s new life together includes a baby boy, the product of their forbidden affair. But precious moments are cut short, overshadowed by the sins of their past. Zach is forced to send Jill and their son away to the one place he believes they’ll be safe from Jay and her threats to settle the score. But to the contrary, he delivers Jill into Jay’s hands. The two former lovers come face to face, and Jill’s nightmare begins. Helpless, Zach must place his faith in the heroics of others in a race against time to rescue Jill from the torturous clutches of Deranged Love.  

Deranged Love is the tale of an unimaginable love triangle like no other. The startling rivalry between a brother and sister over their desire for the same woman pretty much sums up this dramatic story laced with romance, suspense and eroticism.

Deranged Love Excerpt

Zach made direct contact with Jill from his seat on the witness stand where he sat tensely, sweating bullets. Kirk and Mr. Lugar had been quite thorough in preparing him for cross-examination, but Mr. Rice’s technique was far more aggressive than either of them had anticipated. He was on the warpath, and had been since he’d started questioning Zach two hours ago. He’d hammered away at his and Jay’s relationship as children, teenagers and as adults. Mr. Rice had just asked Zach to describe the circumstances surrounding his initial sexual encounter with Jill. And Zach had paused to look at his wife regretfully for the answer he was about to give. It would open up their personal life to a world of strangers who had no right to know anything about them.

“It was the latter part of August, year before last,” he stated and lifted his chin.

Mr. Rice pressed his palms flat on the wooden slab separating him and Zach and grinned. “Where was your sister?” 

“I’m not sure. She had just left my house.”

“I see,” Mr. Rice said, smiling as he adjusted the glasses on his long nose. “You pounced on your sister’s lover of four years as soon as she left your home headed back to her brand new, stressful job. Are you sure it was your first time sleeping with Ms. Bessette? You see, I find it hard to believe that she willingly fell in the sack with you only moments after Ms. King had left your house. I mean, did you court Ms. Bessette? Did you promise her anything? Did you pay her?”

Kirk was sitting directly behind the prosecutor’s table. He sent Zach message with his eyes to keep his cool, and answer the question.

“I did not pay my wife to be intimate with me.”

“She wasn’t your wife then, now was she? She was your sister’s lover. Was she not?”

“Yes, she was.”

“I didn’t hear you. I’ll ask you again. The first time you had sexual intercourse with Jillian Bessette, was she or wasn’t she your sister, Ms. Jayla King’s lover?”

“I told you already! She was Jay’s lover at the time.”

“What about the second time and third time you slept with Ms. Bessette? Wasn’t she still romantically involved with your sister?”

“No, they weren’t really involved after the first encounter Jill and I had.”

Mr. Rice faced the jury box where the seven men and five women of different races and ethnicities sat listening attentively to Zach’s testimony. “How do you know that Ms. Bessette wasn’t really romantically involved with Ms. King as you continued your secret love affair with her? Was there an official breakup? Did Ms. Bessette move out of the bedroom they were sharing in your home into another one or into yours? Explain to the judge, this fine jury and me exactly what you mean.”

“My sister was basically living at the Seven Seas hotel, and she didn’t call or visit Jill for several days. I know for a fact that after the first time my wife and I were intimate, she discontinued her sexual relationship with my sister.” Zach loosened the knot in his silk gray necktie and leaned forward.

“You most definitely would know that now, wouldn’t you? You crept around the door of their bedroom while they were making love one night, didn’t you? You became insanely jealous! You couldn’t stand that Ms. Bessette was having sex with her lover, your sister when you wanted her for yourself! You became so enraged, Mr. King that you burst into the room and stopped them!”

“That’s not how it happened,” Zach whispered, struggling to maintain his composure. “Jay didn’t tell you the whole truth.”

“Well, please enlighten us, Mr. King.” Mr. Rice inched closer to the witness stand wearing a sinister smile, taunting Zach. “This is a courtroom where truths are supposed to be revealed. We’d like to hear your truth.”

“I heard Jill screaming that night. She sounded like she was crying. She screamed, and asked Jay to leave her alone. There was fear in her voice. I tried to ignore it, but Jill kept crying like she was in pain.”

“So you entered the bedroom unannounced while your sister Ms. King and her lover Ms. Bessette were in the throes of passion? That’s a gross invasion of privacy! How dare you? What gave you that right?” 

“Don’t answer that question, Mr. King!” Mr. Lugar stood and shouted. “He’s badgering the witness, Your Honor.”

“Answer me, Mr. King! You were out of control with envy that night. Weren’t you?”

“Keep quiet Mr. King!” Mr. Lugar demanded. 

(  Continues…  )

 Copyright © 2013 by Honey.  All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author.  This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the publisher’s written permission. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. Share a link to this page or the author’s website if you really like this promotional excerpt.

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About the Author
Honey was born in Macon, Georgia March 7, 1968. She was educated in the Bibb County public school system and graduated from Central High School in 1986. Honey attended Florida A & M University and Fort Valley State University. She earned a bachelor’s degree in education with a concentration in history. Honey worked as a social worker in Georgia’s child welfare system for several years, advocating for abused, neglected and abandoned children. Because of health complications caused by a near fatal car accident, she was forced into early retirement in 2000.

Since then, Honey has been indulged in her two passions which are singing and creative writing. In 2011, her first novel, an urban Christian love story, was released in her formal name to much success. Her novel Deranged Love was released by G Street Chronicles to wonderful reviews on and Good Reads on August 1, 2013.
Honey is happily married to her husband of nearly nine years. Together they are raising their young son in McDonough, Georgia.

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