Intimate Conversation with Tiffany Craig founder of Tiffany Talks Books

30 Oct
Intimate Conversation with Tiffany Craig
Founder of Tiffany Talks Books

BPM:  Tiffany, tell us a little about yourself and introduce us to your book blog.
I am a woman who loves books!  I am an Army wife currently living in Maryland with my husband and our two Yorkies: Lucky and Lina. I love to read all genres with the exception of paranormal. horror, fantasy, and science fiction. Indie and self-published authors as well as books that make a personal connection hold a special place in my heart!

I am a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Communications and a minor in Linguistics. And, outside of reading, I love sports, traveling, and everything fitness/nutrition related.

It is important to note that I represent DIVERSITY on my blog!  Tiffany Talks Books (formally Read It All Book Reviews) was founded in 2010. I am an avid reader who loves ALL genres (generally, I do not read paranormal, horror, or science fiction). It is my wish to promote the lost art of reading and I take a special interest in new and self published authors. I read, review and recommend based on MY opinion.

BPM:   When and how did you decide to become a book blogger?
I decided to become serious about being a book blogger in 2011. I was living in Germany with my husband who is a soldier and I needed an outlet where I was free to express my own thoughts and feelings. I say that because as an Army wife you must always be mindful of what you say and/or what you express because it can reflect negatively on your husband. Another reason is because I have always loved to read and I wanted to share that with others in hopes that it would inspire at least one person to decrease their television time and increase their reading time.

BPM:   How did you come up with your blog’s name?
That’s quite simple: it’s my name (Tiffany) and what I am doing (talking books)!

BPM:   What makes your blog unique and/or different?
I think there are two main things I believe that make my blog unique:

1. As much as I adore authors and their craft, I speak truthfully in my reviews, so you won’t always see me posting that a book is excellent and that it receives 5 HEARTS from me. I see so many blogs that only rate books highly.

2. I represent diversity on my blog meaning I read and feature books from all nationalities which I rarely see on other blogs or in books.

BPM:    What is your “philosophy” regarding book reviews?
My philosophy is to be truthful and be you. Use your own style. And, never personally attack the author; keep your review based on the content of the book.

BPM:   What are your favorite genres to read/review, and why?
I love reading Christian fiction books because I am a Christian and God plays an important part of my life. I love reading Coming of Age books because I love to see how people overcome and/or begin to feel comfortable in their own skin. I love reading Erotica because I love sex! And, I love romance because I believe in the power of love!! (And, I know this isn’t a genre, but I always like to see some type of drama in a book as well).

BPM:   What are your biggest turn-offs in a book? How about that special thing that always wins you over?
Nothing turns me off more than horrible grammar. I do not understand if an author takes the time and effort to write a book, why wouldn’t they get it edited properly? I also am turned off by covers that do not relate to the content of the book.

The special thing that always wins me over is a book that is so well-written and unique that it absolutely captivates me and makes simply forget about life. Nowadays, most books somehow seem the same but every so often I find a gem that takes my breath away!

BPM:   Where do you see your blog a year from now?
I see it still growing and becoming a respectable name in the blogging community, one that has a reputation that authors/publishers know they can turn to for honest feedback, and hopefully my blog will become a place that readers know they can visit for some great recommendations and hopefully learn about some new (to them) authors.

BPM:   What do you think the next “big” thing in fiction will be?
I think the YA/NA trend will continue for a while. I would like to see more “dark contemporary fiction” because not everyone has lived a happy go-lucky life.

BPM:    If money were no object, how would you spend your days?
I would read on a balcony and/or beach with some wine and/or a drink with an umbrella with my two Yorkies (Lucky and Lina) running around acting crazy!!!

BPM:   How can readers and writers find you?
TTB Blog:

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