Personal Transformation: The New 5 Agreements in the Workplace

30 Oct
Releasing the Human Spirit: Mastery in the Workplace

Personal transformation is a wonderful thing, but transforming the workplace requires more.
To create a successful and supportive environment we must look not only at transforming fear-based systems into love-based ones, but also at transforming the people within that environment. We must look at enhancing their personal freedom and releasing the human spirit in the workplace. If you want to change the results created in your workplace, you have to shift your systems.

Everything is created twice: first in the mind, then in the physical domain. What if we could clearly envision our businesses and organizations as centers of enterprise and learning where people became healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually? What if we could become a living model for the full and human potential of work?

If all parts of the business mind are integrated and working in a holistic manner, the business is balanced, its culture is nurturing and it is a place where individuals grow and prosper along with the business. The energy of a balanced organization is complete.

However, most American workplaces are far from balanced. They tend to be dominated by the masculine and authoritarian, operating out of the old paradigm that values masculine influences, logic, data, authority figures, rules, regulations, and policies. The other two parts of the whole that are essential to its holistic power, the feminine and the spiritual, have traditionally been suppressed or even outright ostracized. The new leaders must begin to embrace all aspects of themselves if they are to create businesses that are balanced, whole, energetic, and wildly successful.

In The New Agreements in the WorkplaceReleasing the Human Spirit, David Dibble presents a simple yet powerful process any business can pursue to reach new levels of improved performance, profitability and overall success of the enterprise. Using a wealth of experience as corporate CEO, systems thinker, management consultant and teacher who studied with don Miguel Ruiz.  The New Agreements in the Workplace offers a process that integrates personal growth and personal freedom with a method of management based upon systems thinking and reexamining obsolete agreements and habits that are taken for granted in the workplace.

Practicing these five simple agreements can produce both joyful employees and successful organizations based on a revolutionary idea that focuses on something seldom seen but desperately needed in the modern workplace: love.

1. Find Your Path: 
Releasing the creative human spirit in the workplace is a journey. Before you can hope to effect change that involves other people, your workplace, or your systems, you must first and foremost find your own personal path and begin to experience the personal renaissance of a transformed life. A true inclusive path is a road map that includes practices and support along the way that ignites in you a higher purpose for work based in love.

2. Love, Grow and Serve Your People:   The workplace is alive because it is made of people. When the leader holds the energy of intent for the group, others begin to feel their own essence, which is, of course, love. When you love your people, you’ll love your work. When you grow your people by helping them increase their capabilities and expand their skill sets, you’ll grow the business or the organization. When you focus on loving and growing your people, they can focus on loving and serving your customers, your suppliers, the world.

Most important, love, growth and service to others creates an environment where you can release the creative power of the human spirit. When we replace the fear in our organizations with the emotional energy of love, growth and service to others, we will see dramatic improvements in productivity, morale, creativity, teamwork, quality, and of course, sales and profits.

3. Mind Your Mind in the Moment:  Your mind creates your reality at work and at home. In the not too distant future, the new leaders of business will operate from more of a quantum perspective – one that acknowledges and uses the energies and interconnections that exist among all people and organizations. Minding the mind in the moment means being aware of your emotional energy in the moment.

The emotional energy of an organization creates a field of energy that can be felt and experienced. When customers walk into the lobby of a business for the first time, they get a “feeling” for the business. How they will experience a particular field of energy depends on the source of the energy. Does the company radiate love or does it radiate fear? If the emotional energy comes from love, it will feel good to be there, both for the people working in the organization and the customers they serve.

4. Shift Your Systems:  
Systems are the formal and informal policies, procedures, habits and agreements that tell you how to do things in the workplace. To release your creative human spirit, you must shift from the fear and control that drives most workplace systems to ones of love and support. In organizations, stress in the business systems usually takes the form of stress on the people who work in, or are affected by those systems. Excessive overtime, making the same mistakes, frustration, anger, disruptive office politics and low morale are all symptoms of stressed systems. People operating inside such a system will generally feel agitated or stirred up. Trapped in such an environment, their frustration eventually evolves into hopelessness and results in the depression of their human spirit.

Our systems have never been more in need of repair than they seem to be now. It’s time. It’s time for transformation both in ourselves and in our systems.

Transforming dysfunctional systems can be achieved by following three key steps: 1) Examine and understand the current condition, 2) focus on the critical 20 percent of the issues, and 3) make immediate changes.

5. Practice a Little Every Day:
  To make the New Agreements a reality, you must practice a little every day. As you practice you will notice change. With regular practice you become the New Agreements. This is true mastery. The time is now. We have this wonderful opportunity to support each other and work together so that we can produce the miraculous transformations that will result in a new workplace and a new world in our lifetimes. We can. We will. It’s time.

David Dibble, author of The New Agreements in the Workplace: Releasing the Human Spirit, is a former CEO, systems thinker and management consultant. He walked the Toltec path for eight years with his teacher, don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. Then, in 1998, David and Miguel agreed it was time for David to take the teachings into the workplace.  For more information, so to

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