Christmas with author Andrea Foy

30 Nov
Christmas with author Andrea Foy

Andrea Foy has over twenty years of customer service experience working for companies such as McDonald’s, Sears, Delta and USAir Airlines, American Express Financial Advisors the Federal Government. A graduate of Dayton’s Wright State University, she currently resides outside Dayton Ohio where she is attending grad school in Organizational Leadership and volunteers for her community. Visit the author’s website:  
BPM:  What are you most thankful for today?
I am thankful for being a published author. It is one of the most challenging but rewarding things you can do in life. Being a self-published author puts you in complete control and it is nice.
BPM:  Tell us about your fondest holiday moment or event. Do you have Holiday rituals that absolutely, positively must be followed?
It is all about the food. I love eating my way through the holiday! I used to be a flight attendant and on what I thought would be my first Christmas away from home, I pulled an all nighter and got home by noon on Christmas day. That was considered the best present by my family.
BPM:   Do you have a favorite holiday menu, story or song? Share with us.
Menu – Turkey, sweet potatoes, homemade rolls, cranberry sauce. Story and song – The little drummer boy story and song.
BPM:   Tell us about your book, Hire Power: How to find, get, and keep a Job.
My book is a non-fiction book for the Mature YA, with tips on job hunting, customer service and working in general.
BPM:   Have you ever considered what kind of legacy you want to leave future generations?
I hope my book is used for future generations because they all need to learn.
BPM:   How may our readers contact you online and pick up your latest work?  and It is available as an e-book too, HERE
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Hire Power by Andrea Foy

Hire Power  is a how-to guide that steps you through the process of landing the job you want—yes;  want—to knowing when to leave for better opportunities. Geared toward the workplace neophyte, this book provides insight for the experienced employee too.

In Hire Power you will learn:

• How to complete an application
• Appropriate and inappropriate attire for an interview
• How to deal with coworkers, bosses and customers
• Basic business etiquette
• How job performance can lead to great appraisals and promotions
How to find, get, and keep a Job
ISBN-10: 0981743692
ISBN-13: 978-0981743691
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