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Black Authors Network Literary Show



The Black Author Network (BAN) Radio Show is a weekly online radio show that features authors and literary leaders three times per week to give the readers a blast of knowledge, wisdom, and empowerment. Our philosophy is one of positive self-image and community empowerment. We are dedicated to promoting the advancement of multicultural, diverse genres books in all aspects of business and social networking.

Using author interviews as the theme for each show, book lovers get a first-hand look at the “behind the book” news, as the authors and host, Ella D. Curry, share the storyline of new book releases. We respect our readers’ intelligence and strive to deliver shows and books that will enrich their lives. We come to the readers each week to invoke dialogues on increasing literacy for future generations, to enlighten the community on great books, and to empower our readers with the Gift of Knowledge!

We provide the most stimulating conversation on the planet! Join us in serving as a collective voice committed to providing quality literature to an international audience. Tune in each Monday, Wednesday and Friday night, 8-10 pm EST at:  or call into the live radio show at: (646) 200-0402.

Rebroadcast of 2013 Bonding Thru Books Festival

1/27/2013– Evening with Kimberla Lawson Roby and Friends

Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds:  4,793

2/11/2013- Evening with Ella and Michelle Lindo Rice

Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds: 4,294    

3/7/2013- Evening with Ella Curry, Mary Monroe and Friends
Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds:  3,217

4/29/2013- Evening with Ella Curry, Tyora Moody and CK Bedeau

Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds: 1,732

5/15/2013- Evening with Anita Bunkley and Ella Curry

Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds:  1,108

6/26/2013- Evening with Ella Curry and Cerece Rennie Murphy

Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds:  3,111

For July We have a tie for the first time ever!
7/17/2013- Evening with Ella Curry and Norlita Brown     
7/15/201- Evening with Ella Curry, Tyora Moody and author Janell
Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds:  1,700

8/21/2013- Evening with Ella Curry and Mary B. Morrison

Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds:  4,003

9/25/2013- BAN Special Turn Your Mishaps Into a Ministry Pt.1

Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds:  5,016

Share the BAN Radio show page with readers. Here are the featured speakers

        8:00- 8:20pm – Kimberla Lawson Roby (Surviving the death of a parent and maintaining a career.)

        8:20- 8:30pm – Denise Johnson (How business owners and families can benefit from Legal Shield.)

        8:30- 9:00pm – D.A. Rhodes (Surviving child molestation or domestic violence)

        9:00- 9:15pm – Naleighna Kai (Raising a young black man and caring for a ill parent)

        9:15- 9:30pm – Mahogany Law (Surviving and thriving after breaking the ties that bind)

        9:30- 9:45pm – KS Oliver (How to handle being diagnosed with 5 diseases and Lupus before the age of 30)

        9:45- 10:15pm – Nikole Morgan (Surviving teen sons being incarcerated)

10/28/2013- Evening with Nicole M. Brown & Leslie J. Sherrod

Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds:  1,037

11/25/2013- Bonding Thru Books – Day 6- Leaps of Faith Panel
Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds:  39,649

12/4/2013- Health Special: Dr. Sheri Vie, Ph.D. and 3 Health Experts
Downloads from BTR and RSS feeds:  6,117

The BAN Radio Show aims to support an international literary community and to show people, through the radio show, that authors of color are more than just a niche. That we bring wonderful stories to the minds and imaginations of everyone. We have stories to tell, using our voice and our experiences, that cross all races and cultures. The mission of BAN Radio show is to give a platform for African American authors, but to also show the diversity of genres within our literary community.

The BAN Radio Show is a platform for authors who should be recognized as having cross-over books. We are aware that there are authors that are totally targeted to AA readers, but why not discuss that?  Why not make people aware that some books are written specifically for AA readers and some are cross-genre books meant to be enjoyed by ALL READERS, period?  We want readers, all readers to appreciate the work of Black Authors! Our stories are stories that can be embraced around the world.

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