African American Jubilee Legacy ~ Spiritual Odyssey

27 Feb
African American Jubilee Legacy ~ Spiritual Odyssey

“Never before has a book so clearly defined the African American heritage!”
– Mr. Lamario G. Bradwell- Chairman/Executive Director The Civic Group, Inc.

Powerful, informative, life-changing: The African American story has never been told this way before! “African American Jubilee Legacy: An Adventure in learning and rediscovery” is a 460-page, full color vigorous adaptation of historical knowledge, archaic works of art and resourceful information that propels the iconic story of African Americans to a platform of resounding heroism and achievement. Co-Editors Dr. Charles H. Smith (American Bible Society; Former Deputy Director NAACP) and Cain Hope Fielder (World Renowned Speaker; Howard University Professor) provide an eloquent portrayal of the “Black Experience” with riveting facts and superb presentation.

Described as a “Spiritual Odyssey” the “African American Jubilee Legacy” takes readers on a compelling Spiritual and historical journey from beginning to end; with familiar topics relative to slavery and civil rights, to astounding revelations of Africans in the Bible. Plus, an arduous historical list of: African American clergy and the establishment of African American organizations, along with methodical research that outlines the legacy of ancient kingdoms ruled by Africans.

The “African American Jubilee Legacy” ~Spiritual Odyssey~ is a soul-stirring experience that confronts every misconception regarding the “Real Story” of African Americans past and present. If you’re looking for a resource that will enrich the lives of readers of all ages, races and socio-economic groups; full of inspiring topics and solutions for the existential crisis facing African Americans, then your search is over! This book is a “MASTERPIECE” and qualifies as a timeless keepsake for Institutions of higher learning and ALL generations for centuries to come!

Also available is the beautifully crafted leather bonded Jubilee Legacy: Holy Bible filled with magnificent pages of scriptures along with an arousing study outlining the unique culture of “the Black Church” highlighting the importance of understanding the African American Spiritual Legacy based on “TRUTH!”

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The Civic Group, Inc. “Purchase for A Cause” book promotion for the African American Jubilee Legacy ~Spiritual Odyssey~ African American Jubilee Legacy website address:

Lamario G. Bradwell
Executive Director of The Civic Group, Inc.
Visit the website:

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