First Week Sales Contest – Troublemaker by Trice Hickman

19 Jul

Details for the official Troublemaker Book Contest Hosted by Trice Hickman. Book Contest Intro by Trice:

Some dreams will test your head and your heart…

The beloved characters of the Unexpected Love Series are back!  Join them as they travel to the sleepy town of Nedine, SC,  for a weekend filled with secrets, betrayal, steamy romance, and mayhem!

Trice Hickman Contests and Prizes
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Pre-order Sales Contest
If you pre-order a copy of, TROUBLEMAKER, between now and July 28, your name will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following prizes:

1- $50 Visa gift card
2- $25 Gas card
2- $20 Starbucks gift card

To be eligible for this drawing you must submit a copy of your sales receipt for your pre-order purchase of TROUBLEMAKER, between now and July 28, 11:59 pm EDT. Receipt can be scanned and emailed to Winners will be announced and notified by email, August 6, 2014.

First Week Sales Contest
If you purchase a copy of, TROUBLEMAKER, between July 29 and August 2, your name will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following prizes:

2- $50 Visa gift card
3- $25 Gas card
3- $20 Starbucks gift card
4- Autographed advance copy of my upcoming 2015 novel

To be eligible for this drawing you must submit a copy of your sales receipt for your purchase of TROUBLEMAKER, between July 29 and August 2, 11:59 pm EDT. Receipt can be scanned and emailed to Winners will be announced and notified by email, August 6, 2014.

Read all of the contest details here:   Thanks so very much and good luck!!

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Alexandria smiled as she stretched her long, shapely legs across PJ’s buttery-soft leather sofa. “Now that I’ve finished cooking, it’s time to relax” she said aloud. She ran her fingers through the mass of thick curls atop her head and let out a deep breath of relief, glad she was finally able to relax after her long day. She’d been busy from the moment she’d stepped out the door this morning with a coffee mug in one hand and a toasted bagel in the other. Her life had been more hectic in the last year than she could ever remember. So much was changing so fast, but with that change she felt the hope and excitement of new possibilities that lay ahead.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she thought about the fact that this Friday would be her last day of work at a job she’d dreaded since the day she’d started. She was an attorney, on the fast track, employed with the prestigious downtown Atlanta law firm of Johnson, Taylor, and Associates. Alexandria had worked there since she’d interned with them while still in law school. Now, six years later, she was ready to step out of what she’d been academically trained to do, and take hold of the direction in which her heart had always led her, which was to pursue her passion as a writer and spoken-word artist.

Alexandria thought about her promising future as she lay on her back and flipped through one of her many bridal magazines. Even though her wedding day was just one month away, and all the major details had been planned to a tee, she still couldn’t resist looking at pictures of happy couples, replete with bountiful flowers and their wedding parties in tow, all overflowing with nuptial bliss.

Alexandria smiled every time she thought about how happy she was and how much her life had significantly changed since this time last year. It seemed as though it were just yesterday that she’d broken up with her old boyfriend, Peter, and in less than twenty-four hours, fate, along with her grandma Allene’s sage advice, had led her down a completely different path to peace, understanding, and true love. Now she was engaged to PJ, her childhood best friend who’d walked into her life and changed her world.

She could still remember her grandma Allene’s words. Speak what’s in your heart. Say what it is that you desire, and watch it walk into your life.

Alexandria had heeded those words and still lived by them today. She knew that speaking what she wanted, and then trusting and believing with indomitable faith that her desires would be met in abundance, was the reason PJ was in her life. As she looked at the beautiful gowns of silk and tulle, she raised her hand in the air, as if in praise, and gave thanks for her blessings. “Amen,” she said quietly.

She was thankful for this joyous time in her life, and she planned to savor every moment because she was all too aware of the trouble that was lying in wait on the other side. Gritty realities and unpleasant truths were about to surface, not just in her life, but in the lives of family and friends whom she loved. She knew the road ahead was paved with detours, rough patches, and a few hazard signs. But she also knew she’d get through them thanks to her faith, her grandma Allene, and the amazing gift of prophecy she now embraced.

“Thank you, Grandma Allene,” Alexandria whispered. “I love you for showing me the way.”

As soon as her words floated into the air, Alexandria knew that her grandma Allene’s spirit had entered the room. Whenever she felt a warm breeze, a gentle, unexplainable tug at her arm, or smelled the unmistakably sweet scent of magnolias—which had just wafted by her nose—she knew it was her great-great-grandmother communicating with her.

Alexandria inhaled the fragrant, uniquely Southern scent that always made her feel safe and at ease. That sense of comfort and security was very different from the turmoil and strife she’d experienced in the past whenever she thought about her gift.

Communicating with spirits and having premonitions were abilities that had burdened Alexandria since she was five years old. She’d always felt different and out of place, constantly trying to navigate where she stood in a world filled with uncertainty. Her lack of grounding and understanding of her gift had made her afraid of the supernatural powers she possessed. But all that had changed last summer when Allene had contacted her for the first time.

Initially, Alexandria had been leery, and she hadn’t want any part of the mysteriously frightening world that had been haunting her since she was five years old. Many times she could remember waking up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat and covered with fear, terrified of the voices that belonged to spirits from another world that she couldn’t see or touch.

She also recognized that the ability to know what was going to happen in a given situation before it took place wasn’t always a good thing, and it had quickly become a heavy weight on her shoulders. She’d worried about things that kids her age didn’t have to deal with. She’d witnessed accidents, death, and destruction, and it had made her fearful of doing something as normal as dreaming at night because of what she might see. She’d often stood helpless with her knowledge, not knowing what to do or in whom to confide, so she’d learned how to ignore her gift and block out visions whenever they threatened her peace of mind.

But once her grandma Allene had come into her life and shown her the beauty of her gift, along with the strength and infinite possibilities it held, a new world had opened up to her for the first time.

She’d been hoping that her grandma Allene would soon make contact with her again. She missed hearing the old woman’s comforting voice and the soothing, down-home Southern accent it carried. Allene hadn’t communicated with her in nearly three months, which had initially alarmed Alexandria. But then she remembered Allene’s promise—that she’d always be there to guide and protect her. Alexandria knew she’d have to wait patiently and trust in Allene’s words, which were solid and rooted in love.

The one thing that Alexandria longed for more than anything was to talk with Allene face-to-face, instead of speaking in whispered tones through visions that always seemed to end much too quickly. During one of their talks, Alexandria had asked Allene to appear to her in the flesh.

“Grandma Allene, I want to see you. Can you come visit me?” she’d asked.

( Continued… )

 Excerpted from Troublemaker by Trice Hickman.  © 2014 All rights reserved. Book excerpt reprinted by permission of the author, Trice Hickman.  This excerpt is used for promotional purposes only. Do not reproduce, copy or use without the publisher’s written permission. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. Share a link to this page or the author’s website if you really like this promotional excerpt.

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Meet the Author

A self-proclaimed Southern girl, Trice Hickman’s love affair with books began when she was a small child growing up in Eastern, North Carolina. But it wasn’t until she enrolled in an advanced women’s literature course during her sophomore year of college at Winston-Salem State University that she thought about becoming a writer. After suffering from years of writer’s block, her literary window finally opened with the release of her self-published debut novel, Unexpected Interruptions, November 2007. The book garnered praise from literary reviewers, book clubs, and readers, and was selected by Black Expressions as their December 2008, Editor’s Pick for Dynamic Debut Feature.

Trice’s much anticipated sequel, Keeping Secrets & Telling Lies, was released June 2009, and her third novel, Playing the Hand You’re Dealt, was released August 2010. Upon the success of her work, Trice signed a multi-book deal with Kensington(Dafina Books).

Her fourth novel, Breaking All My Rules, was released February 2013, followed by Looking For Trouble, November 2013. Trice’s 6th novel titled, Troublemaker, was released in July 2014.  In her spare time when she’s not writing, Trice enjoys reading, cooking, entertaining, and traveling. You can learn more about Trice and her work by visiting her website,


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