Ungolden Silence by Lydia E. Brew

17 Oct

Beatrice James and Elaine Wilson work for a marketing firm in Houston, Texas. Life hasn’t been easy for Elaine as she copes with her disability, and at the same time manages to function in her everyday life. The two coworkers and friends jump at the opportunity to help run a Disabled Awareness Campaign when Mrs. Stevens, from Washington D.C., calls the ladies up and pitches the idea. Elaine agrees to chair the campaign and Beatrice agree to be second chair. Both women agree to meet with Mrs. Stevens in Washington to get the campaign set-up and running. All goes well until Thomas Paige enter the scene.

Stevens herself is excited to meet, for the first time, the dapper and charming Thomas Paige, who is a well-known community leader.  It doesn’t take long for the charm to evaporate and Thomas began to shed his wool, revealing the wolf underneath the sheep’s clothing. Elaine begins to sense that there’s something more to Thomas than what he’s presenting, but will it be too late when she finds out for certain?

Ungolden Silence will have you peeling off what’s underneath a man’s exterior, before peeling back the sheets.

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Intimate Conversation with Lydia E. Brew

Lydia E. Brew was born with cerebral palsy but has not allowed her physical limitations to stand in her way. Her writing also provides insights into the world of the physically challenged. She graduated from Texas Southern University where she received The Society of Professional Journalist Sigma Chi Citation for Achievement.  She was a member of the drama club and pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. 

Under the leadership of one of her journalism professors, Miss Brew penned her first book, Edith, The Story of Edith Irby Jones, M.D. about the first African-American to graduate from The Arkansas School of Medicine.  Upon finishing college, Miss Brew worked with the Houston Association of Black Journalists. She is a Christian and attends church.

Miss Brew founded Lydia’s Educational and Charitable Organization (LECO) when she decided to encourage young people to write.  LECO did this by sponsoring a yearly contest in which the contestant had to write about positive role models who were alive and from the Houston area. Each student who wrote an eligible essay was given a certificate of participation.  Winning writers received cash prizes.

BPM:  What inspired to sit down and actually start writing this book? Why now?

In the 1990’s I kept noticing that during the news when a crime was reported the name of the victim was given. The news always waited until the next of kin was notified and then the name was release to the public.  However, when it came to sexual crimes the names of the victims were not given. The policy of most news organizations was not to give the names of the victims to protect their privacy. Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her home. Nine months later she found and appeared on Oprah. Oprah talked about everything. However, when it came to the fact that Elizabeth was violated Oprah said that it was private and went on with the show. Another story that comes to mind is of three girls who were kidnapped and found at first their names were given, however, it was discovered they were violated their name were not given anymore.

Society has in my opinion has sexual assault and lovemaking confused. This started the daydream that led to Ungolden Silence. The first draft was done from my daydreams. After from several people who told me that I  needed to do some research?  It was during the research I realized that Ungolden Silence is not that far off.

While Ungolden Silence focuses on rape, society needs to understand that rape comes under the domestic violence umbrella.  Society needs to understand that mental, physical, and sexual abuse in any form is a crime. Stop worrying about keeping the names private. Rape victims need to come forward. They did not asked to be rape. It does matter they was wearing.

BPM:  Could you tell us something about your recent work? Is this book available in digital forms like Nook and Kindle?

I believe that the reader can get a lot from Ungolden Silence. First of all it is a novel  and it is entertainment. The reader can relax and get involved with the story.

I recently saw a play about Nat King Cole. The play dealt with what he went through when he had his own show in the 1950’s. It was hard for me to enjoy the play because I read his biography. I just could not get into the play because I knew that man had to go through a lot. His voice was beautiful. Even though he died in the 60’s, his music it still heard around the world.

When a person reads Ungolden Silence, he or she can enjoy the story. The characters are not real.  The characters decide that society needs to become aware of the problems that a victim face when she does comes forward. What about the families and co-workers of victims?  Society cannot forget the rapist and their families. What? Yes, because the rapist is a human being. Not a good one, but there is family and love ones. Nothing is simple.

This works is meant to provoke thought and perhaps create understanding about the world of domestic violence. Yes, the book is an e-book.

BPM:  Give some insight into your main characters or speakers. What make each so special?

Elaine Wilson  was based on me. I wanted her disability to be identical to mine. I cannot speak plainly or walk well. I needed to show that I am physically disabled, not mentally.  Elaine worked for a marketing firm, and was given a million dollar account. She was put in charge of a marketing campaign for the disabled. Elaine knows that she can handle the work, but this client was in Washington, D.C. Elaine’s co-worker Beatrice James also knows that Elaine is capable of during the work and convinces her boss and Elaine’s parents that she wants to take Elaine on her first professional trip.

Elaine and Beatrice are excited as they begin their work in Washington, D.C. It is the charming Mr. Paige that changed the story. Mr. Paige a well-known community leader it not the man he seems to be. The second that Elaine and the client, Mrs. Stevens, steps out of the room, Mr. Paige begins sexually harassing Beatrice. Upon her return Elaine knows something is not right, especially when Beatrice in anxious to leave. Mr. Paige tries to use the fact that Elaine is physically disabled to his advantage.

Beatrice usually is a strong woman. However, being sexually harassed while on a business trip is something that she refuses to acknowledge. She also refuses to let this ruin this for Elaine.  Both of these women are strong but however, they kept silent about what Beatrice was going through.

BPM:  Are there under-represented groups or ideas featured in your book? If so, discuss them.
Yes, the family and friends of rape victims and of the rapist themselves. Two plus two equals four, which is a simple problem. In any problem there needs to be at least two components. However, with Domestic Violence there are many components. Society needs to understand that for the victim and the rapist, after the rape there is an aftermath.

After Beatrice was raped the co-workers had to deal with their own issues.  The family of Mr. Thomas Paige had to deal with who he was.  It was Mr. William Paige that suggests the Domestic Awareness Campaign. His brother was among other things a serial rapist and was also a husband and father.  Thomas Paige’s family had to go under the care of a psychiatrist.  So there are forgotten victims of crimes and society needs to realize that and be there for them.

BPM:  What did you enjoy must about writing this book?

I loved writing my daydreams. I used the bodies of people known for characters, bodies not personalities and have fun. I told my Daddy that these characters were dancing in my head. I could not wait to get to my computer and to write.

BPM:  How can readers discover more about you and your work?

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