Walking Among the Shadows: Awakening by Navi’ Robins

17 Oct

For high school sophomore Aiden Storm, Jasmine is everything a teenager could ever want in a girlfriend. But all he can think about is killing her.

When Jasmine arrives at Deerfield High Aiden’s simple life is changed forever. Her presence awakens a darkness inside of him that slowly spirals the soft spoken teenager’s mental stability down an abyss of madness. Constantly tormented by a growing hunger for violence, Aiden confides in his best friend Tony his uncontrollable urges. Choosing friendship over his conscience Tony promises to keep Aiden’s dark desires a secret while they try and unravel the mystery of Jasmine and the affect she’s having on Aiden.

On the night of Aiden’s seventeenth birthday their friendship is tested when the town of Deerfield is rocked by a home invasion and murder that directly implicates Aiden. Without an alibi or recollection of his whereabouts on that night, Tony begins to suspect Aiden is on the fast track to becoming Deerfield’s first serial killer.

But Aiden fears something more sinister is at work in Deerfield and its source is Jasmine. Aiden believes underneath her beauty Jasmine harbors an evil that has already infected him and will soon spread to everyone he loves if it isn’t destroyed. Aiden must find a way to keep Tony quiet, remain one step ahead of the FBI, and maintain his sanity long enough to find out who and what Jasmine really is…

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Message for Parents/Readers from Navi
My target audience for this book and series  is 13-18+.  This book and series has something for teenagers as well as adults. The story entertains while showing the reader to “never judge a person until you get to know them”. This first chapter in the Walking Among the Shadows series introduces the readers to a diverse cast of characters with cultural backgrounds from all over the globe and it strays away from many stereotypes and clinches that I feel limits the reach and exposure of African American authors.

Race isn’t the issue but the actions and intentions of each character in the story. The story touches on the importance of family, friendship, and fatherhood with a twist the reader won’t see coming.

Amazon Reader Review:  5.0 out of 5 stars by Rena D. Jones

As the first book of the Walking Among the Shadows: Awakening Series, this is compelling reading and makes the reader want to read the next book immediately.

This book is an intense page turner book. I was very surprised how this first time, self published author has creatively woven an original, enticing and spell binding world that got me hooked from start to finish. The story is fast-paced and exciting with plot to plot twists and the nonstop epic action scenes will surely entertain the readers as much as it has entertained me, never a dull moment in this book, It was such a good read, I purchased the kindle version and a hard-copy for my sister. I am eagerly awaiting the author’s second volume in this series entitled: Walking Among the Shadows: Belly of the Beast.

Purchase Walking Among the Shadows: Awakening

October 21, 2014.  2nd Edition.  Genre: Young Adult/Thriller

Amazon Best Sellers Rank:

#29 in Books > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Thrillers & Suspense > Supernatural

Meet the Author
Navi’ Robins
was born in Chicago, IL and comes from a family as diverse as the characters in his novels. He is the author of two highly rated series, Walking Among the Shadows and Article 88: Jericho’s Revenge. He published his first novel in May of 2013 and since that time has published three other books as well. He aspires to write in as many genres as possible to broaden his imagination and writing prowess; while also creating new ideas and realities that will not only fascinate readers but also provide thought provoking lessons that many can relate to.
Contact Navi’ Robins at:


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