#BondingThruBooks Speaker – Martha Kennerson

23 Nov

Martha Kennerson has enjoyed a successful career in executive management for over twenty years; half of which have been in marketing and outreach. Her love of reading and writing is a significant part of who she is and she uses both to create the kinds of stories that relay a message of healing and forgiveness. In addition to Consequences, Martha has written a gripping novel about survival titled Choices and has contributed to two additional books; Baring it All: The Ins and Outs of Publishing and Signed, Sealed, Delivered…I’m Yours, a romance anthology penned with the members of M-LAS. Her first romance novel for the Harlequin Kimani line is scheduled for release in the summer of 2015.

Martha lives with her family in League City, Texas. She believes her current blessings are only matched by the struggle it took to achieve such happiness. To find out more about Martha and her journey check out her website at 

BPM:  How did you get to be where you are in your life today? Who or what motivated you?
I worked hard to get healthy and gain the courage to write something personal in such a way that people will enjoy as well as learn a few lessons.

BPM:  Who does your body of literary work speak to? Do you consider authors as role models?
I like writing works with a message that can touch people, specifically women, on a number of levels. Authors should be praised and admired for their work but not for the way they live their lives.

BPM:  What inspired you to sit down and actually start writing this book?
Why now? My eldest daughter helped me see that this was a survivor’s story that needed to be told and now I’m healthy enough to tell it.

BPM:  What did you enjoy most about writing this book?
I had a blast developing all the different characters.

BPM:  Could you tell us something about your most recent work?  Is this book available in digital forms like Nook and Kindle?
Consequences is a story about a young woman named Kristine whose set to have everything she’s ever wanted until an ill-fated encounter changes everything. While waking up naked in bed with a couple she barely knew wasn’t Kristine’s choice, how she deals with the consequences of that night creates a series of shocking choices that have a domino effect of turmoil to those close to her. Consequences is available both digitally and paperback form.

BPM:  Give us some insight into your main characters or speakers. What makes each one so special? 

My main character Kristine survived a horrific night of violence and while it wasn’t easy, she managed to heal, forgive and ultimately love again.

BPM:  Are there under-represented groups or ideas featured in your book?  If so, discuss them.

Surviving a sexual assault by both a man and a woman is hard enough. Choosing to keep the child that was the result of such an act of violence is life altering and for some devastating. For me, it was life saving.

BPM:   Did you learn anything personal from writing your book? Can you share some stories about people you met while researching this book?

Consequences is based on my personal journey so sharing it in this manner helped to further my healing process.

BPM:   What were your goals and intentions in this book, and how well do you feel you achieved them?

I hope my book helps other women that may have had similar experiences see that you can get through it and from the feedback that I’ve received, I’ve done just that.

BPM:   What projects are you working on at the present?

I’m currently working on a romance series for the Harlequin Kimani line and the first book in that series will be released in August of 2015.

BPM:   How can readers discover more about you and your work?
Readers can find out more about me and my work either on my website at:  or through social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Purchase Consequences by Martha Kennerson

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