#BondingThruBooks Speaker – Cheryl Lacey Donovan

24 Nov

Intimate Conversation with Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Cheryl Lacey Donovan is a nationally recognized evangelist and public speaker. As founder of Worth More than Rubies Ministries, Cheryl has become one of the nations leading conference presenters. A noted author and internet radio personality, she has influenced the lives of thousands of women in the U.S. and abroad. Cheryl’s calling to inspire, motivate, & educate others is evident as her passion to help women discover their authentic purpose and destiny comes through in her books, CD’s and devotionals.

Women What the Hell are You Thinking Now?  by Cheryl Lacey Donovan
Join Author and Evangelist Cheryl Donovan as she discusses her new book Women, What the Hell are You Thinking Now? This series of discussions is designed to help individuals identify the strongholds in their lives and tear them while seeking to live the abundant life God intended.


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BPM: Cheryl share with us a quote from one of the most powerful chapters.
“You can’t get to the next level if you’re stuck on the ground floor.”

BPM: You are an Evangelist and ordained Minister of the Gospel. What prompted you to write this book for women?
Over the years, I’ve shared many of my experiences and testimonies of things that happened to me and others I cross in my daily profession as a medical instructor .I originally wrote a similar book about two years ago which addressed some of those issues but in this book, I tackle them head on with practical applications for implementation. I actually had no idea my mess would someday be a message for others. That’s the Holy Spirit for you. He brings things full circle in your life. Many of us are experiencing a spiritual disconnect in most cases. We believe our problems are carnal rather than spiritual. You want to do the right thing but are confronted with situations that are counter intuitive to all your values, cultural and spiritual, and you have to balance them all. It’s tough. So I wrote Women What the Hell are You Thinking Now? to help women get through the tough days with grace and know that God loves them and is with them no matter what.

BPM: What life lessons have you experienced personally that have nurtured and shaped who you are today?
Christians are not immune to the vicissitudes of life. Understanding this reality has helped me cope with the setbacks and unexpected pitfalls I’ve faced. Jesus said we’d have them in this world but to be of good cheer because he’d overcome the world (John 16:33). That’s the good news. Christ is with us He never leaves us or forsakes us.

BPM: What insight does the book give readers on life?
The book encourages the reader to look inside themselves for the changes they want to see. A transformed mind leads to a transformed life.

BPM: What are some of the common mistakes, or mis-informed choices that prevent women in developing spiritually, or building positive relationships?
We allow others to define us. Who we are and who we should be rather than looking to the creator for the answer. Many of us have an unction or yearning inside about who we are and what we should be doing to build the Kingdom but we allow the enemy to lie to us and convince us otherwise. We forget that with Christ we can do all things and that he can take the foolish things and confound the wise. We are more than conquerors and we shouldn’t allow fear to consume us.

BPM: What are you hoping women will take away from your book, i.e., personally, emotionally, and/or spiritually?
I want women to understand how important they are to God. The Kingdom of God lives within in each of us. Therefore, we already have everything we need to operate in our God given purpose. Once we get that we can truly experience the abundant life God intended for us to have.

BPM: How do you avoid the temptation of interjecting your own morals, value system or ministry in your writing?
I try to be real. I try to be transparent. I use myself, my story to connect with the reader. I’m not trying to save people with my writing; I’m simply trying to share God’s love without shoving religion down their throats. I want readers to be inspired and come away encouraged.

BPM: What has been your most difficult hurdle to leap? Marketing, promotions or gaining media exposure, etc. How can EDC Creations and our readers help you?
Mainstream media exposure is probably the most difficult aspect of marketing. It can be hard to keep track of news stories trends, etc. with which your book has something in common. Yet, this is the most effective way of getting interviews in print as well as on national media programs.

BPM: How has your writing style evolved over the years? What stimulated your growth the most? We are here to shine the spotlight on your new book, but what’s next?
I’d like to think it’s more thought provoking and more meaningful to the reader. Again I connect with them through my own story so I believe it’s more real and effective at reaching the reader. My next book is No Test No Testimony: What Happens When All Hell Breaks Loose. It discusses the fact that just because you’re seen as a “leader” in the faith based community it doesn’t mean that you don’t go through trials and tribulations that can upset your world. But in the end as the title reflects there is ultimately a testimony for the masses.

BPM: Do you have plans to write other devotional/spiritual books, and how can readers reach you?
I plan to continue traveling the country ministering to women and I will continue writing books of inspiration including devotionals, journals, and other inspirational material. Anyone wishing to contact me can do so at  They can also visit the website:;;

Women What the Hell are You Thinking Now?  Transform Your Thinking to Transform Your Life
by Cheryl Lacey Donovan

• Book Review
Cheryl, you speak with authority, wisdom, and experience. Your book is certain to breathe life into those who feel beaten down by circumstances. Your strong yet loving words will draw women of all ages and stages to the power and peace that only our Risen Lord can provide. He has spoken through you. Thank you for being an obedient messenger. In Christ’s love and warmth.   ~ Jory H. Fisher, JD, 

• Primary Topics Discussed in Women What the Hell are You Thinking Now?

1.)  You have to clear the clutter and get on with your life. You have to learn to forgive not only others but yourself. When you harbor fear it grows into bitterness, anger, and resentment. Ultimately the only person this hurts is you. We have to let go of all the bad feelings and emotions that keep us in bondage.

2.)  If you transform your thinking you’ll transform your life. Our thoughts turn into words. Those words turn into actions. Ultimately all of this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Therefore, we must strive to maintain a positive attitude and positive thoughts so that our outcome will be successful.

3.)  Be truthful with yourself. Many of us hide behind masks. Masks not only shown to others but to ourselves as well. Being truthful with ourselves helps us to identify those things that keep us from living an abundant life. In this way we can begin to forgive yourself and others.

4.)  Identify opportunities for growth even in life’s most mundane moments. You already have everything you need to live a life of victory. Use it.

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Genre: Christian/Inspirational

ISBN-10: 0982967268
ISBN-13: 978-0982967263
Now available on the  Nook  and  Kindle

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