#BondingThruBooks Speaker – Denise Bolds

24 Nov

Raising Princes to be Kings: A Single Black Mother’s Guide to Raising Her Black Son 
Denise Bolds is a native New Yorker born in Harlem NY. She is a resident in Dutchess County of 21 years. Ms. Bolds comes from a family of healers and educators.She is a graduate of Dutchess Community College and Marist College.

Denise also holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She has worked with low income families for the past 15 years. Ms. Bolds is the author of Raising Princes to be Kings: A Single Black Mother’s Guide to Raising Her Black Son and Raising Princesses to be Queens. Raising Princes is a recommended read by Ebony Magazine June 2013.

Denise Bolds is also the producer and host of her internet radio show: Black Motherhood Empowerment, a tool of empowerment with professional guests with discussions on the many avenues of Black life. Ms. Bolds is a proud single mother of her son Jordan who graduated from Poughkeepsie High School and earned his Master’s Degree in Special Education/Earth Science Elementary Level at age 22. 

Ms. Bolds also owns her own business:  Bold Doula under Bold Selah, LLC.   Ms. Bolds is a certified birth doula. Her goal is to bring awareness to the huge disparity of Black Maternal Health and doula as many women of color as possible.

Bold Doula under Bold Selah, LLC.

Raising Princes to be Kings: A Single Black Mother’s Guide to Raising Her Black Sons by Denise Bolds

Raising Princes to Be Kings: a guide for black mothers and the parenting of their sons. Every black mother is capable of raising a Barack Obama, Ben Carson and many other successful black men from single parent homes.

Ms. Bolds’ book discusses the relationships of black motherhood of the black son from pregnancy to college and beyond. Ms. Bolds encourages black mothers to celebrate motherhood and to benefit from the success of empowered parenting. Motherhood is empowering. Topics in this book include: education, finance, relationships, sex, child support and many more to engage and empower.

From pre-conceptual health to college, Raising Princes to be Kings is a holistically empowering resource.

In this revised edition there are viable updates along with links to free lectures that relates to chapter topics, 40 developmental assets from ages 3 to 21 and contracts for the black mother and son. .

If we want good relationships with out black men, its is time that we raise black men and understand them. To truly raise a black man is to walk in their lives with them – not against them. Our black sons need us – we have to save our black men – too many have been lost already. GET READY TO BE EMPOWERED!

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