#BondingThruBooks Speaker – Marlene Banks

24 Nov

An Exodusters Saga                                                                 

Resolving for different reasons to abandon their past lifestyles, four fast guns with well-earned reputations quietly settle outside the all-Negro town of Nicodemus, Kansas. The men are commissioned to protect the town from an unscrupulous land baron’s attempted takeover with payment of cash and property. They face the challenges of unwelcoming townsfolk, a devious adversary, and powerful corporate greed assisted by unprincipled politics, as well as their own personal demons. In the midst of this they find the unexpected; romance and a struggle of faith.

Gideon McCoy, Caleb Cain, Joshua Boudreaux and David ‘Boone’ Tennyson are reputed fast guns who become immediately attracted to the charming Nicodemus women: Sugar, a beautiful farm girl, Louise the talkative daughter of a general store owner, Liberty a sassy saloon owner and the newly arrived schoolmarm, Polly.

While Nicodemus residents enthusiastically anticipate the advent of the Pacific Union Railroad, a scheming Lucas Hitchcock and the cultural mentality of greedy ambition and ingrained racism work against a potentially beneficial arrangement. Yet the Godly presence in Lucas’ most despised enemy, Geoffrey Abington, foils his brutal bid for control. Nicodemus becomes pawn in a tug of war between a railroad company only concerned with profitable expansion along with Hitchcock’s power play and the godly team of Geoffrey Abington and his friend Harlan Colby.

Harlan, a loving family man and longtime railroad executive who is fed up with his employer’s trend of unethical business practices. Harlan makes a hard choice for what he believes to be God’s standard in business, society, and humanity as a whole. People are being harassed, run from their land, and even murdered. The four gunmen are hired to protect Nicodemus’ citizens but encounter obstacles both spiritual and natural they did not foresee. Sides are drawn culminating into a massive showdown and only God will able to save the four men and Nicodemus.

Nicodemus, Kansas is an actual town still existing today with a significant contribution to African American history. This story is fictional but with important nuggets of historical fact injected.

* GUNMEN HAVE NO SABBATH: An Exodusters Saga by Marlene Banks

* Greenwood and Archer: After The Riot By Marlene Banks

Marlene Banks
considers herself a Kingdom writer/novelist, hardwired to tell stories. God honors her to serve with this gift she loves to use. A passion for good stories directs her reading choices and fuels her writing goals. She believes a good story definitely has the power to show God’s glory to the world, spread the Gospel, and inspire change. Marlene emphatically declares Christ Jesus is the Author and Finisher of her faith and her fiction.

Marlene is relatively new on the scene as a professional novelist. Her penchant for ignored or misrepresented African American history, love of biblical life application along with a fascination of human psychology, and a soft spot for that male female dance of romance blended together creating the multi-layered plots for her first four novels. The result was she found her niche penning historical romance. She hasn’t stopped with that, however. She also writes contemporary fiction with a chick lit romance genre series already introduced to the public.

Marlene’s roots are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she currently lives and worships at the Bethel Deliverance Church in Wyncote, PA. If you want to learn more about her visit one of these sites:

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