#BondingThruBooks Speaker – Brittani D. Williams It’s Not a Piece of Cake LLC

25 Nov

It’s Not a Piece of Cake LLC  Nutritional Coaching and Education

Brittani, a mother of 2, found a passion for nutrition and health when she reached a peak of 226 pounds and held on to the weight 2 years after the birth of her first child. The journey of a healthier lifestyle is so complex and with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and studies as a nutritional coach Brittani is now down 90 pounds in a 2 year span with a pregnancy and birth of her second son in between, and has created services to help individuals that want to make the same lifestyle changes.
The MISSION of It’s Not a Piece of Cake is to educate, support and assist in the mindset transition of men and women into weight management (be it loss, gain, or maintain) It’s Not a Piece of Cake offers various programs to ensure a successful start and continuation.

Mindset Transition – via analyzing current eating habits, ways to improve, and maintain at any stage of your journey One must understand that making the changes to a healthier lifestyle journey requires a certain level of drive and realism, through a healthy mindset. Once that is balanced, the journey to greater can be enjoyed.

Education  – via explaining who food affects your body and how the proper complex nutrition can change your life. Topics are presented on a weekly base to ensure complete understanding of your new walk. When you know better, it is easier to do better.

Support  –
via accountability, I am a friend/coach, I rejoice with the positives and coach through the negatives. I am fully hands on in my client’s journey; your success is my success!! Now, no journey is perfect, but after losing 90 pounds, having 2 small children, having a full-time job through it all, and then some, I can promise to be there step-by-step along the way.

Owner:  Elizabeth Mays Unaeze

Body, Baby & Me was founded by Elizabeth Unaeze, wife and mother of two, who initially wanted to offer a way for pre and postnatal women become and stay healthy throughout their pregnancies and beyond. After facing a difficult 2nd pregnancy due to health complications, Elizabeth realized that Body, Baby, & Me could not only help those who are expecting but anyone who would like to reach their fitness goals.

A graduate of Sociology with a minor in Psychology from Louisiana State University, Elizabeth founded Body, Baby, & Me in April of 2014 with the vision to aid in all aspects of the human development and maintenance.  

About the Company:
Body, Baby, & Me is comprised of three different components. “The Body” represents all health aspects an individual my encounter throughout their lives. “The Baby” represents all of the pre and postnatal women who may be searching for ways to become and stay healthy before, during, and after pregnancy, and “The Me” focuses on the mental aspect of becoming and staying healthy. Body, Baby, & Me has programs for men, women, and children that specifically focus on complete body awareness and strength.

Programs Available (distant options available)

  • Customized weekly plans
  • Month to Month follow up
  • Education Seminars
  • One on One, Group, and Family Education sessions/programs

Programs Available:
 Personal Training
 Group Training
 Mommy & Me classes
 Circuit & Resistance Training
 Seminars & Specialized Training Classes
 Endurance Training for races    
 Dance Fitness

  • “Egwu” – An African Dance class
  • “Prexercise” – A dance class specifically designed for pregnancy
  • “Hip Hop Pop” – A high energy music mix-up class
  • “Memory Lane” – Dance to music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s
  • “Joint Junction” – A class designed for those with mobility problems

Like Body, Baby, & Me on Facebook and check out our website for updates on events, classes, and more! E-mail me at for any questions or to sign up today!

Contact at: or email

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